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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2006
  • Demographics: Male, 34, Caucasian
  • Home state: Pennsylvania
  • Last Active: 01/08/2010
  • Brief Profile: AACOMAS GPA: Cum: 3.245 Science: 3.053 (UPDATED)

    Psychology & Biology Double-Minor

    Volunteered at Mt. Nittany Med Center
    Shadowed local Pediatrician
    Shadowed at Memorial Hospital
    Peer Mentor in the Eberly College of Science
    Camp Counselor, YMCA Camp Spirit
    Dean\'s List
    University Trustee Scholarship recipient
    Eberly College of Science Student Representative (updates sent 10/19)
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2006

    • Undergraduate college: The Pennsylvania State University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 513
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 125, C/P 127, CARS 132  
    • Overall GPA: 3.24
    • Science GPA: 2.99

    Summary of Application Experience

    1/26/2008: Medical school is still hard but it gets easier once you become acclimated. I would make the decision again... PCOM is a great school! Starting a new application process for the USAF Health Professions Scholarship.

    11/15/2007: Medical school is hard. That is all.

    5/24/07: Graduated from Penn State, going to PCOM in the fall :) Still no official answer for Drexel or Jefferson, but since they're done interviewing I'm certain that I will receive rejection letters soon.

    I hope that this profile helps future applicants. In short, the whole process is a roller coaster ride (sorry about the cliche). Get your application in early and make sure you set up your LORs early in your college career so that you are able to be interviewed by your premed committee early in the season. Do not EXPECT to get in anywhere. There are THOUSANDS of qualified applicants for very few spots at each medical school. Although I am dissapointed that only 3 schools showed interest, I am pleased that I was able to get into PCOM which is a fine medical institution. Best of luck in your pursuit of a career in medicine!!

    5/5/2007: UMDNJ-SOM rejection.

    4/11/06: NJMS and PSU rejections came in this week. Not too sad about NJMS, but PSU sucks for not interviewing me... you hear that!!

    4/6/07: Released CCOM seat a week ago. No word from the last few MD schools (Drexel, Jeff and UMDNJ NJMS & SOM). Looks like PCOM :)

    3/5/07: PCOM ACCEPTANCE! One of the best days of my life.

    2/21/07: LOI/CV sent to PCOM.

    2/15/07: PCOM decision 'On Hold' pending updated grades due to their mistake.

    2/6/07: MSU-CHM Rejection EMAIL! How devoid of class, joining the ranks of VCU amongst schools utilizing very unprofessional correspondence.

    1/29/07: The PCOM interview went relatively well today, and I really liked the students and admissions staff.

    1/20/07: AACOMAS GPA updated.

    1/10/07: PCOM Interview invite! I am thrilled! Finally some Philly love!

    12/19/06: Although I loved WVSOM, I am declining my acceptance in favor of CCOM.

    12/18/06: CCOM Acceptance!

    12/13/06: Decision was deferred at UPenn, rejection more or less.

    12/7/06: Interviewed yesterday at CCOM. It seemed to go well, and the campus and students were great. I really thought that their presentation was top-notch although they ended up way off schedule.

    11/17/06: George Washington U. Rejection :(

    11/14/06: WVSOM ACCEPTANCE! CCOM interview invite (scheduled for 12/6), and Penn State 'continue to review' (no rejection, yay)

    11/1/06: Interview @ WVSOM went well. Got a really good impression. LOOONG drive from PA.

    10/25/06: Purchased interview suit, in case you care.

    10/23/06: Out goes UMDNJ-SOM and will send out WVSOM's secondary materials tomorrow so that they get there prior to my interview.

    10/20/06: Invited to interview @ WVSOM on Nov 1.

    10/19/06: Did an update letter to ALL the schools explaining my new role in student government. Also completed UMDNJ-RWJMS (forgot I hadn't finished it) and CCOM.

    10/11/06: Committee LOR sent out to schools.

    10/2/06: Finished PCOM and Temple this week.

    9/30/06: Lazy streak - most of my high choices have been applied-to. I really want to finish PCOM but I don't feel that my essay is top-notch yet. They send you a hard copy only, so I scanned it and imported it into word.

    9/21/06: Committee Interview complete. Not sure how much they approve of my application... They didn't want me to apply this year, but I don't want to take a year off so they can just deal.

    9/12/06: Hard @ work. No interviews yet, though. I met with my academic advisor who said that no one from PSU within the last 5 years has gotten into MD school with less than a 3.3. Here's to hoping I defy his statistics.

    Submitted AMCAS and AACOMAS on 7/30/06.

    AMCAS verified 8/24. AACOMAS verified 8/23, mailed 8/28.

    AMCAS GPAs: Cum: 3.24 BCPM: 2.99
    AACOMAS GPA: Cum: 3.238 Science: 3.035

    Applied, Withdrew

    New York College of New York Tech.

    Application Complete, Rejected

    UMDNJ - Osteopathic Medicine

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Lake Erie College - Erie
    University of Pittsburgh
    Edward Via Virginia College
    Ohio University
    Michigan State University (DO)


    Chicago College of Mid. University
    Philadelphia College - Philadelphia
    West Virginia (D.O.)

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