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Application Cycles: 7/10/2017
Demographics: Male, 24, African
Home State: Texas
Last Activity Date: 8/17/2017

Undergraduate College: top 20
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: Midwest School
Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
Degree Obtained: MA

MCAT: BS 12, PS 10, VR 8, S
Overall GPA: 3.20
Science GPA: 3.20

Brief Profile:
Will be starting a master in medical sciences this Fall, while I am applying. Hopefully, I can shed some light on the process for others in the future.

1st MCAT: July 2014. (Old) Studied with Princeton crash-course. It was awesome, I was not! Took MCAT and got a 27.
BS: 10, PS: 9, V: 8. I was shocked! Who knew practicing in the 30s range (while pausing and looking up answers) would not be reflected on the actual exam?! *slaps hand*

I retook the MCAT January 28, 2017.Working full-time and studying for 2.5 months. Practiced hitting 510 range. Got sick the whole week leading up to MCAT...506. Somewhat ambivalent about my scores....(B/B was 91 percentile..guess it was a hard section!! However, still debating whether I will retake or not)

Practice MCAT: B/B: 128; C/P: 127; CARS: 127; P/S: 128; total: 510
Actual MCAT: B/B: 129; C/P: 127; CARS: 125; P/S: 125; total: 506

- Fluent in English, Spanish
- 1000+ hours of clinical volunteering (ER scribe)
- Emergency Room volunteer
- 1.5 years laboratory research, 1 year clinical research
- 1 year experience Community Service Director of campus organization: led several community projects
- Currently volunteering with Habitat 4 Humanity and Donate Life
- Full-time work experience (throughout undergrad)
- Hobbies: sports, poetry
- Some scholarships.

S: Submitted Secondary
C: Application Complete
I: Interview Invite Date
A: Acceptance Date
W: Waitlist Date
R: Rejection Date

AMCAS submitted: 7/10/2017


Queen's University - "*"Quinnipiac University""

Applied, Rejected

Virginia Commonwealth University - "Rejected after initial screening. Was not send secondary invite. "

Application Complete

Baylor College - "S: 8/2; C: 8/8 It's a long shot however Baylor has my heart. I will continue applying each time. "
Rosalind Franklin University - "S: 8/4; C; 8/4"
Western University of Health Sciences - "("Western Michigan University Homer Stryker")"
University of Rochester - "S: 8/14 Easy secondary, few technical questions wish I opened it sooner; C: 8/14"
University of Iowa - "S: 8/15"
Indiana University - "S: 7/10; C: 8/9 No secondary."
Tufts University - "S: 8/2; C: 8/7"

Summary of Application Experience

04/29: Qualified for FAP! Big relief!
07/10: Application submitted to AMCAS for verification.
07/14: Application submitted to TMDSAS for verification. I had some people take a look at my application. (The 1st application cycle ever, I had sections missing. I realized this the next year! Apparently, TMDSAS has a weird save feature which only saves whatever section you're on. So don't press continue, then save 5 pages later! Otherwise, those previous 4 pages are gone.)
07/21: GW secondary invite. They send these within days of submitting your application even though it hasn't yet been verified.
07/21: GW secondary completed.
07/31: Added schools to AMCAS application. (Has not yet been verified)
08/01: BU secondary invite. Tufts secondary invite.
08/02: Tufts secondary submitted.
08/04: AMCAS verified. WVU secondary invite. Rosalind secondary invite. Wisconsin secondary invite. SUNY Downstate secondary invite. Rosalind secondary complete. UW
08/05: VCU, WMich, Temple, & Keck secondary invite.
08/07: MCW, Oakland, WMed, SLU, Iowa, Georgetown, Penn State, Einstein & Miami secondary invite. Tufts Application complete.
08/08: Morehouse, Quinnipiac, Loyola, & Maryland secondary invite. Baylor application complete.
08/09: Rochester & Wayne secondary invite. SLU secondary submitted.
08/10: Wake Forest secondary invite.
08/16: VCU pre-secondary rejection. 1st rejection. Doesn't sting as much as it used to.