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Application Cycles: 6/13/2016
Demographics: Female, 27, Caucasian
Home State: Arizona
Last Activity Date: 1/11/2017

Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, S
Overall GPA: 3.40
Science GPA: 3.20

Brief Profile:
2016 - 2017 Application Cycle

Just a clarification - I took the MCAT 2015 so the scores above are not correct. I entered it to get through to the next screen. My MCAT score is 510.

19 Primaries | 16 Secondaries | II: 2 | H: 1 | R: 3

Legend -- P: Primary App Submitted, SR: Secondary App Received, SS: Secondary Submitted, H: Hold Status, II: Interview Invite, IA: Interview Attended, R: Rejection

AMCAS submitted: 6/13/2016

Application Complete

University of Arizona - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 7/5, SS: 7/17, H: 8/15"

Application Complete, Rejected

Drexel University - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 7/5, SS: 7/17, R: 12/2"
Tufts University - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 7/7, SS: 7/19, R: 12/6"
Brown University - "P:6/13/16, SR: 7/6, SS: 7/20, R: 1/10/17"
Georgetown University - "SR: 6/30 SS: 7/9 R: 10/21"
George Washington University - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 6/30, SS: 7/9, H: 8/11 R: 10/21"
Albany Medical College - "P: 6/13, SR: 7/12, SS: 7/20, R: 9/14"
Mayo Medical School - "P: 6/13, SS: 6/28, R: 7/22, LOR request: 9/13, 2nd R: 12/13"

Invited for Interview

Tulane University - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 7/1, SS: 7/11, II: 8/31, IA: 1/27"
University of Washington - "P: 6/13/16, SR: 7/15, SS: 8/1, II: 8/11"
Pacific Northwest University - "This is in place for application to WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY; P: 10/28/16; SR: 11/3; SS: 11/18, I..."

Summary of Application Experience

Submitted my AMCAS early June. I would've submitted it on the first day available since I actually had all of my information, EC and PS written by February, but I had such a difficult time choosing my 18 schools. I actually developed a massive headaches that lasted for a few days X_X

But since that was so early in the cycle, my primary app was verified by end of June and by the next day, secondaries were rolling in my email. Can't complain, though! The whole month of July was pretty much just working on secondary apps for a handful of hours each evening, as I was working full-time. My goal was to finish all of my secondaries by the 1st of August. I gave myself about 2 weeks to finish each secondary, starting from the day I received them in my inbox. With the exception of 2 schools, I did manage to achieve that goal. My committee letter also happened to finally come through by the end of July. I was praying every night that it would get done in a timely manner, as I wanted it to be available when all of my secondaries were submitted.

7/22 - Mayo MN and AZ campuses rejected my application; I wasn't selected for further review. Since they didn't have a secondary and their school averages were 3.8, I didn't really think I had a shot. But you never know unless you try, right? This kinda stings. I'm not even done with my secondaries and I've already been rejected from one program. I just wish I had the chance to tell them that my boyfriend is currently at Mayo Clinic for his PhD and he's pretty much family to me. Time to move on, though.

8/11 - Got my first interview invite with UW!! Ugh, I'm seriously hyperventilating because this is an amaaaaaazing school with an awesome MD program.

8/11 - But also, that enthusiasm was slightly (only slightly) curbed by GWU's update on my application being placed on hold for an interview :( I guess it's still very early in the cycle but a hold is not exactly amazing news. Oh well.. keeping my fingers crossed! And still, UW, WOOHOO!!

8/15 - Got a hold for interview on U of Arizona - Tucson. I keep reminding myself that it's still waaaay early.

8/25 - Checking my email daily like crazy! No movement so far, which mean I should go out and relax after work since this smoldering August weather means summer is still here :D

8/31 - AHHH I can't even express my excitement for my II at Tulane!! Seriously, I was not expecting Tulane to give me any love. It's definitely one of my top choices! I was in training for a new job and I couldn't even focus afterwards. But why are the interview dates sooo far away? The earliest one is sometime late January and I have scheduling conflict that day, but I also don't want to wait until the end of February. Dilemma.. but a good dilemma to have!

9/8 - It's been so quiet with all of my other apps. Anxiety is definitely kicking in again. I think most med school applicants suffer some type of neuroticism during this time, but I keep overthinking that my interview invites are sheer luck and that there's a red flag on my app somewhere. Maybe due to low academic metrics. That feeling definitely won't go away until I've matriculated, ha! Also, religiously checking my app portals and SDN forums aren't helping! With rejections being sent left and right, and waves of interview invites already out, I'd almost prefer a swift status decision. But no news is good news, right? And no news is better than a hold status, right? Ahh, I'm gonna go do something fun before I go mental. I'll check in later with good or bad news :)

9/13 - Uhh, miracle?! I was rejected from Mayo (AZ campus) in late July, but come a month later, they send me a LOR request?! I was so confused. Please don't tug at my heart string, Mayo. I think I could really fall in love with you! Apparently, they have new leadership in the admissions dept and are reopening some applications - at least that's what their subsequent, clarifying email noted. I still can't believe it. It's definitely not an interview invite, but I'll take any chance I can get!

9/14 - It kind of seems like all of my good news so far have been dampened by subsequent bad news. I was just rejected from Albany Medical College this morning. I'm a little disappointed because I thought I would have a chance at an interview here, but I guess not.

9/23 - So, I finally got an 'application complete' email from CMS at RFUMS today - about 2 months after my secondary and LORs have been submitted. Woohoo! It seems like they've been pretty backlogged this year, but I expect that they would with over 10K applications to shift through a year. But now the complete email says it could be another 8-10 weeks before I hear back regarding my status. I guess this is where the real waiting begins, ha!

10/3 - September has been such a slow month, in terms of hopeful/good news - well, with the exception of being unrejected from Mayo AZ. It seems like it has also been a slow month for everyone else in this application cycle. I hope October brings good news.

10/21 - Got my rejection email from GWU. Definitely sad but I knew it was coming. To be on hold for that many months, I didn't really think I had a shot -- especially when so many others who were complete more recently were getting IIs.

10/28 - Washington State University finally got their accreditation and they're opening up their first application cycle this year! Primary application sent first thing this morning. I'm so beyond excited that Washington now has another public medical school to serve the people of this area. This has been long overdue, for sure!

10/31 - Happy Halloween! Got my rejection from Georgetown this morning. After surviving through so many rejection rounds so far, I was keeping my fingers crossed, but alas!

11/18 - Secondary to WSU sent! It took a long time to fill out their secondary, but I managed. Crossing my fingers for an interview invite!

12/2 - Rejection from Drexel.
12/6 - I guess it's that time of year - med school app massacre! Rejection from Tufts today.
12/13 - Rejection from Mayo Arizona and Rochester, for the 2nd time. So much heartache...
12/20 - AHHH, interview invite from WSU received tonight!! Literally the best early Christmas present ever!! Thank you WSU! Merry Christmas, everyone!

1/10/17 - Rejection from Brown University. Kind of expected it. Waited in silence since late July.