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Application Cycles: 6/9/2016
Demographics: Male, 23, Caucasian
Home State: Nunavut
Last Activity Date: 5/19/2017
SDN Handle: thoroughbred_med

Undergraduate College: State School
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 13, PS 10, VR 7, Q
Overall GPA: 3.86
Science GPA: 3.87

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 6/9/2016


Western University of Health Sciences - "SR: SS: did not have a physician's LOR. EDIT (1/7): This is the only DO school I would attend if acc..."
Tulane University - "SR: 6/28 SS: Complete: "
Medical College of Wisconsin - "SR: 6/28 SS: Complete:"

Applied, Rejected

Application Complete

Temple University - "SR: 6/29 SS: Complete: 9/6"
University of Vermont - "SR: 7/11 SS: 8/16 Complete: "

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Southern California - "SR: 6/28 SS: 7/4 Complete: 7/20 EDIT 1/6: Be wary of USC *soft* MCAT cutoff of 33 (514). Wouldn't h..."
George Washington University - "SR: 6/30 SS: 7/15: Complete 7/15 Re-review status: 7/28"
Medical College of Georgia - "SR: 7/8 SS: 7/18 Complete: 7/20"
Jefferson Medical College - "SR: 7/6 SS: 7/20 Complete: 7/20"
Emory University - "SR: 6/29 SS: 7/20 Complete: 7/20"
Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University - "SR: 7/6 SS: 7/17 Complete: 7/20"
Wake Forest University - "SR: 7/14 SS: 7/29 Complete: 7/29"
University of California, San Francisco - "SR: 7/25 OMG! SS: 7/30 Complete: 7/30 EDIT 1/6: Wouldn't have applied and wasted money here in hind..."
Eastern Virginia Medical School - "SR: 9/8 SS: 8/11 Complete:"
Columbia University - "SR: 7/9 SS: Complete: 8/19 EDIT 1/6: Wouldn't have applied and wasted money here in hindsight. Don'..."
University of Chicago - "SR: 6/27 SS: 7/6 Complete: 7/28"
Boston University - "SR: 7/10 SS: 7/20 Complete: 7/21 Rejected... poop."
Georgetown University - "SR: 6/28 SS: 7/26 Complete: 7/26 // First rejection... this one hurts more than UChicago because I t..."
Saint Louis University - "SR: 6/28 SS: 7/1 Complete: 7/20"
Mount Sinai School of Medicine - "SR: 7/5 SS: 8/15 Complete: 8/15 EDIT 1/6: Wouldn't have applied and wasted money here in hindsight...."
Philadelphia College - Atlanta - "SR: 7/26 SS: finally submitted in November after getting no love from MD :/ "
University of California, Irvine - "SR: 8/1 YAY! SS: 8/3 Rejected 10/18: it was a long stretch to be one of the five OOS students lol bu..."
Harvard University - "add school late because YOLO. EDIT 1/6: Wouldn't have applied and wasted money here in hindsight. D..."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

New York College of New York Tech. - "applied on a whim cause one of only a few MD schools that don't require physician LOR. Not even sure..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Mercer University - "SR: 7/1 SS: 7/4 Complete: 8/16 Mercer and I were not a great fit. My application was pretty much ..."

Summary of Application Experience

Just passing the torch :)

MDApps was incredibly helpful to me as premed student gearing up for the application process. I hope mine can help others understand their chances/competitiveness for medical school. I'm also using this space to talk about my thoughts throughout the process. ...and it is a process :)


Submitted AMCAS 6/10/16 and verified 6/28/16 (however, it took from 6/28 - 7/20 for my premed committee to send letters)
Submitted AACOMAS 7/20 and verified 7/21
Will post exact stats after application cycle. LizzyM ~ 70
EDIT: MCAT (4/1/16): 508 (126/124/129/129). Cycle is pretty much over for me and I want accurately share my story for future applicants!

6/28/16 applying OOS to a lot of California schools because SO family. We will see how I fare over there lol :) EDIT: not faring well

12/15/16 - damn its hard to into medschool. I am having a lot less success than I thought I would... already have formulated backup plans to reapply. These are dark times..

1/5/17 - pretty much 100% set on re-applying in 2018-19. After coming to grips with just how difficult it is to get into MD school, I looked at my app objectively and saw a lack of personality/motivation written all over it. I've looked at other healthcare professions and being a physician is STILL what I want! Even after a discouraging cycle! So I am gonna go ham and get it! First thing's first - MCAT. My premedical advisor message me personally on Facebook and told me my app was 'outstanding' so I'm pretty sure my MCAT, and not my EC's or PS, is what held me back at other lower-mid tier schools. So currently formulating a MCAT study plan and hope to boost to 515+ . Also, looking for positions in basic science research labs... something I did not get to do in college! The future is bright, albeit expensive, and I am excited to continue working towards my dream! P.S. I couldn't have made these decisions without my partner being so encouraging and supportive! Close family and friends are ~major~ key!

1/24/17 - gained a volunteer research position in a neuropathology cancer research lab! Beyond blessed the PI asked me to come on. The lab seems like a productive one and is the exact kind of basic science research position I was looking for. Praise be to God!