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Application Cycles: 7/17/2016
Demographics: Male, 23, Caucasian
Home State: New Jersey
Last Activity Date: 8/5/2017

Undergraduate College: William Paterson University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 11, PS 14, VR 8, T
Overall GPA: 3.75
Science GPA: 3.68

Brief Profile:
Physics Research
Health Insurance Enrollment Assisting
Biology Biotech Club Vice Pres
Medical Volunteering
Won Essay Contest
Trustee Scholar

AMCAS submitted: 7/17/2016


Application Complete, Rejected

Jefferson Medical College - "SR: 8/22 SS: 9/8 Update letter: 1/27 R: 4/6"
Pennsylvania State University - "SR: 8/22 SS: 9/8 Application complete: 9/9 R: 10/5 The first of many to come"
Virginia Commonwealth University - "SR: 9/26 SS: 9/26 Application complete: 9/28 R: 1/11"
The Commonwealth Medical College - "SR: 9/20 SS: 9/20 R: 1/25"
Queen's University - "Quinnipiac SR: 9/20 SS: 9/21 Update letter: 2/9 R: 3/23"
Drexel University - "SR: 9/21 SS: 9/21 Application complete: 9/22 Update letter:2/3 R: 4/27"
University of Connecticut - "SR: 9/22 SS: 9/23 System generated refund: 10/21 Idk what this is, I completed the secondary essa..."
SUNY Buffalo - "SR: 9/23 SS: 9/24 Application complete: 10/3 R: 1/3 Had a good feeling about this rejection, I w..."
Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University - "SR: 9/24 SS: 9/24 my favorite physicist along with feynman, i better get an interview lol Applica..."
Indiana University - "No Secondary Application Primary Application received: 9/29 R: 12/8 starting to panic..."
Wright State University - "SR: 9/26 SS: 9/26 Application complete: 9/27 R: 3/20"
Temple University - "SR: 9/27 SS: 9/28 Update letter sent: 2/9 R: 4/14"
Oakland University - "SR: 9/27 SS: 9/27 R: 11/9"
University of Toledo - "SR: 9/28 SS: 9/29 R: 5/10 That was the last one."
SUNY Stony Brook - "SR: 9/29 SS: 9/29 Application complete: 9/30 R: 10/14 Found out right after I submitted the seco..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

UMDNJ - New Jersey - "SR: 7/23 Secondary submitted: 8/19 Letters designated: 9/7 II: 2/21 Finally... AI: 2/27 I live..."
UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson - "SR: 8/12 No CASPer after what happened last year Secondary Application Sent: 8/17 Secondary Fee P..."
West Virginia University - "SR: 9/25 wat da eff?!! i received secondary seconds after submitting a primary. last year they didn..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Eastern Virginia Medical School - "SR: 9/13 SS: 9/16 Application complete: 9/21 II: 1/26 Wow, I cant believe it. I wasn't sure I wa..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

University of South Florida - "SR: 9/29 SS: 9/30 Oh no just realized I didnt submit residency forms, Gahhhh!!! I thought they wer..."

Summary of Application Experience

Took new MCAT- 131/125/128/130=514
AMCAS Submitted- 7/18/2016 at 6:16 pm
Waiting to get verified
NJMS is priority
Verified 8/11/2016 Hallelujah!!
Letters not yet received
Yes, im applying late. i had problems with the letters, as well as a couple of other personal problems, or else I should have been done with all secondaries by the end of August. If I dont have success this cycle, this can serve as either a cautionary tale to people applying in September or it may be a cautionary tale to people that dont have much clinical hours. I have strictly 100 clinical hours. I have other healthcare-related stuff but it is not strictly "clinical," unfortunately. If I do have success, I will reveal more about what I thought I did right- especially as a reapplicant.
12/8- its december and i havent received an interview from my state schools. COMMENCE PANIC MODE, im going to bust out that 5-lb gre practice book, at this rate...
1/3- Now that I have an interview from a state school, there's a chance I may get in. Btw I never picked up that GRE book lol
1/25- Been doing volunteering and bio research lately. Got an interview coming up in a couple weeks.
1/26- Things are looking up lol if I could just get that interview from NJMS, I'll be more confident in this application.
1/30- I just want that interview from NJMS and I'll be fine...
2/23- I feel more comfortable now
3/16- Mid March and no acceptance, I still have a couple decisions pending. Please come through for me NJMS
3/21- Why did I get these interview invites? seems pointless
3/28- End of March- sitting without an acceptance. Only two waitlists to show for this reapplication. I don't think this has been a good cycle. I would like to have had one acceptance early and some waitlists in addition. Now, I guess its time to continue volunteering and eventually send in updates, letters of intent, etc. in the hopes of gaining an acceptance eventually.
4/14- Waitlist movement should begin in a couple weeks..
4/27- nothing yet...
5/10- Looks like a third cycle is coming
5/24- Currently prepared for another cycle