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Application Cycles: 6/7/2016
Demographics: Male, 25, Caucasian
Home State: Georgia
Last Activity Date: 5/6/2017
SDN Handle: UNMedGA

Undergraduate College: Upper-Mid Tier Private
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 12, PS 13, VR 13, R
Overall GPA: 3.96
Science GPA: 3.99

Brief Profile:
>2000 hours clinical experience (paid and volunteer), 2+ years in research lab doing a long term project (no pubs or presentations yet), small grant award from university research office for research, a couple different community service and TA experiences, participation in a large public policy conference, unique 2 gap years spent in a foreign country (learning the language and doing some various service activities), 1 gap year after graduating working in a hospital. 10+ years as a musician, employed throughout college.

AMCAS submitted: 6/7/2016

Application Complete

Duke University - "See comments on Vandy."

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Michigan - "At this point the only arctic school I'd want to attend is Mayo, haha. Bye Felicia."
Emory University - "Grew up loving Emory, being from GA, but rejected. Whatever Emory."
University of Pennsylvania - "Meh. Never really high on them"
Johns Hopkins University - "This was my top choice so not sure what their deal is. Not meant to be I guess. "
Harvard University - "They rarely take anyone from my UG. Thought I'd try but at this point it's a rejection"
Vanderbilt University - "I'm a little salty about this given that huge ass memoir I wrote for their secondary."
University of California, San Francisco - "I love San Francisco, but I think I'll live."
Georgetown University - "First rejection. Haters gonna hate!"

Application Complete, Withdrew

Boston University - "Given withdrawal from Tufts, I didn't think I would realistically go here over UVA."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

University of Texas, Southwestern - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Texas, Houston - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Texas, San Antonio - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Miami - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Saint Louis University - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Ohio State University - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Tufts University - "Withdraw after UVA acceptance."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Mayo Medical School - "Aaaaand rejected. Top choice after interviews but evidently not a mutual feeling. Not sure I'm bumme..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

University of Utah - "Had kind of an odd experience interviewing here. Unusual questions from an interviewer. Never duplic..."
University of Texas, Galveston - "Placeholder for UT-Austin (Dell) - Really surprised by the II here since I'm OOS. Competing for esse..."
University of Rochester - "Arctic school, will likely withdraw."
Washington University in St. Louis - "Really enjoyed the interview, faculty were awesome, students were chill. St. Louis underwhelmed me b..."
University of Pittsburgh - "1st tier waitlist, so apparently my chances aren't bad. I liked Pitt way more than I thought I would..."
University of Chicago - "II within days after secondary submission, continued twice on both decision dates. Not sure why they..."
Baylor College - "Interview was good, faculty and students nice. Houston was ok, not my favorite."
Columbia University - "Great school, cool faculty and students. I'm not thrilled by the thought of living in NYC just becau..."

Accepted off Waitlist

New York University - "Accepted off the waitlist! I like UVA's location better than NYU's (I like cities, but I think NYC i..."


University of Virginia - "Great southern vibe, loved it. Best lunch of any interview I attended. Even though everyone says "re..."
Medical College of Georgia - "Nice school. I love my good ole Georgia towns. Going in Athens with the smaller class size right nex..."

Summary of Application Experience

Since MDApps hasn't updated their MCAT interface yet, my actual MCAT score is 521 (131/130/129/131).