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Application Cycles: 6/7/2016
Demographics: Male, 24, Caucasian
Home State: Georgia
Last Activity Date: 2/28/2017
SDN Handle: UNMedGA

Undergraduate College: Upper-Mid Tier Private
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 12, PS 13, VR 13, R
Overall GPA: 3.96
Science GPA: 3.99

Brief Profile:
>2000 hours clinical experience (paid and volunteer), 2+ years in research lab doing a long term project (no pubs or presentations yet), small grant award from university research office for research, a couple different community service and TA experiences, participation in a large public policy conference, unique 2 gap years spent in a foreign country (learning the language and doing some various service activities), 1 gap year after graduating working in a hospital. 10+ years as a musician, employed throughout college.

AMCAS submitted: 6/7/2016

Application Complete

Harvard University - "They rarely take anyone from my UG. Thought I'd try but at this point it's a rejection"
Duke University - "See comments on Vandy."

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Michigan - "At this point the only arctic school I'd want to attend is Mayo, haha. Bye Felicia."
University of Pennsylvania - "Meh. Never really high on them"
Johns Hopkins University - "This was my top choice so not sure what their deal is. Not meant to be I guess. "
Vanderbilt University - "I'm a little salty about this given that huge ass memoir I wrote for their secondary."
University of California, San Francisco - "I love San Francisco, but I think I'll live."
Georgetown University - "First rejection. Haters gonna hate!"

Application Complete, Withdrew

Boston University - "Given withdrawal from Tufts, I didn't think I would realistically go here over UVA."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

University of Texas, Southwestern - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Texas, Houston - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Texas, San Antonio - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
University of Miami - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Saint Louis University - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Ohio State University - "Withdrew after UVA acceptance."
Tufts University - "Withdraw after UVA acceptance."

Attended Interview

University of Utah - "Had kind of an odd experience interviewing here. Unusual questions from an interviewer. Never duplic..."
Washington University in St. Louis - "Really enjoyed the interview, faculty were awesome, students were chill. St. Louis underwhelmed me b..."
University of Chicago - "II within days after secondary submission, continued twice on both decision dates. Not sure why they..."
Baylor College - "Interview was good, faculty and students nice. Houston was ok, not my favorite."
Medical College of Georgia - "Nice school. I love my good ole Georgia towns. Going in Athens with the smaller class size right nex..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Mayo Medical School - "Aaaaand rejected. Man, FML. This cycle is going worse than I expected for the number of interviews I..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

University of Texas, Galveston - "Placeholder for UT-Austin (Dell) - Really surprised by the II here since I'm OOS. Competing for esse..."
University of Rochester - "Arctic school, will likely withdraw."
University of Pittsburgh - "1st tier waitlist, so apparently my chances aren't bad. I liked Pitt way more than I thought I would..."
New York University - "Another waitlist. They interview like 1000 people. Expecting the same treatment from Columbia"
Columbia University - "Great school, cool faculty and students. I'm not thrilled by the thought of living in NYC just becau..."


University of Virginia - "Great southern vibe, loved it. Best lunch of any interview I attended. Even though everyone says "re..."

Summary of Application Experience

Since MDApps hasn't updated their MCAT interface yet, my actual MCAT score is 521 (131/130/129/131).

My post-II return on acceptances hasn't been very good. Not sure why, maybe my app is too generic?