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Application Cycles: 6/15/2016
Demographics: Male, 23, South Asian
Home State: Nebraska
Last Activity Date: 8/11/2017
SDN Handle: flapjack3d

Undergraduate College: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Area of Study: Psychology/Social Sciences
Degree Obtained: MPH

MCAT: BS 14, PS 14, VR 14, T
Overall GPA: 3.99
Science GPA: 3.99

Brief Profile:
Graduated college a year early. Did research abroad for a semester, then did MPH in 1.5 years.
Activities in random order:
1) Summer research in high school that netted me 1 abstract and 1 poster
2) 2 semesters basic science research
3) 3 years leadership position in health-related summer camp
4) 3 years volunteering at different health-related summer camp
5) lots of human-rights focused clubs
6) 1 year honors thesis in public health lab
7) 6 months full time research abroad in public health
8) research for MPH
9) shadowing
10) language immersion program
11) americorps project (health-related)
12) clinical volunteering 3 years
13,14,15) i dont remember right now, but probably weren't extremely important.

AMCAS submitted: 6/15/2016

Applied, Rejected

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

Application Complete, Withdrew

Harvard University - ""You're fired!" "You can't fire me! I quit!""

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Brown University - "MD-ScM"

Attended Interview, Rejected

Mayo Medical School - "Arizona Campus"

Attended Interview, Withdrew

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - "12/19: Super late secondary submission (5 months?). 1/17: WTF. II!! This city is legendary. I'd love..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

University of Michigan - ""Deferred decision" - 11/17 (Basically a rejection); Upper Tier WL - 3/14/2017"


Washington University in St. Louis - "ATTENDING. YES.SSS."

Summary of Application Experience

Overall thoughts on my journey to medical school:
JFC I have been stressing since tenth grade about every little grade and "how I will look" on paper. In doing so, I probably missed out on a lot of opportunities to pursue what I'm passionate about. I only figured this out just as I was leaving college. If you want to get into a medical school, just do the minimum requirements. Check your boxes. Do alright in your classes and on your tests. If you want to get into a top school, do all of the above, but then choose one thing that you want to pursue with all your heart and be the best you can at it. Also kill the MCAT.
6/10/2016: Primary submitted
6/15/2016: Transcripts received
6/27/2016: U Chicago secondary received, WUSTL secondary received
6/28/2016: WUSTL secondary submitted
7/5/2016: Dartmouth secondary received, Dartmouth secondary submitted
7/6/2016: Yale secondary received, Yale secondary submitted, U Chicago secondary submitted
7/7/2016: AMCAS verified, Michigan secondary received, Duke secondary received, NYU secondary received
7/8/2016: Harvard secondary received, Emory secondary received, Stanford secondary received, UWSOM "mission statement request" received, Mayo ARZ secondary fee received and paid, Cornell secondary received, Pitt secondary received, Virginia secondary received, Vanderbilt secondary received
7/9/2016: Columbia secondary received, Harvard secondary submitted, Pitt secondary submitted, Stanford secondary submitted, Columbia secondary submitted, UWSOM "mission statement" submitted, UVA secondary submitted
7/10/2016: Emory secondary submitted, Cornell secondary submitted, NYU secondary submitted
7/11/2016: Pitt II, UVM secondary received, UVM secondary submitted, UCSD SSN request, JHU secondary received, JHU secondary submitted
7/12/2016: Vanderbilt secondary submitted, Miami secondary submitted
7/13/2016: Brown secondary received, Brown secondary submitted, Mayo ARZ LOR request received
7/14/2016: UCSD secondary received, UCSD secondary submitted, Rochester added (primary sent to them?), Mt Sinai submitted, Michigan submitted
7/18/2016: Wisconsin secondary received, Wisconsin secondary submitted
7/19/2016: Mayo LORs received
7/25/2016: UCSF secondary received, UCSF secondary submitted
7/27/2016: UVA II
8/2/2016: Washington rejection, Einstein added to primary
8/3/2016: Einstein secondary submitted
8/4/2016: Minnesota secondary received, Mayo ARZ II
8/11/2016: Mayo ARZ postII questions received, Vanderbilt II
8/16/2016: Pritzker rejection
8/24/2016: State school II
9/1/2016: Einstein complete email
9/5/2016: Michigan II
9/18/2016: Sent generic update letter about summer grades and new research job to all schools which allowed updates
10/7/2016: "On hold" at UCSD, WashU II
10/17/2016: Placed on alternate list for UVA
10/20/2016: Rochester rejection
10/28/2016: Stanford rejection
11/17/2016: Michigan deferred decision
11/21/2016: Einstein II
11/28/2016: Hopkins rejection
12/13/2016: NYU rejection
12/13/2016: UCSF rejection
12/15/2016: Cornell rejection
12/19/2016: Minnesota secondary submitted
12/20/2016: Dartmouth II, Nebraska acceptance
1/9/2017: Wisconsin rejection
1/17/2017: Minnesota II
1/20/2017: UCSD rejection
1/23/2017: Brown II
1/30/2017: Pitt High Priority Waitlist
2/2/2017: Brown withdrawal
2/6/2017: Einstein rejection
2/8/2017: Sinai rejection
2/13/2017: Mayo ARZ rejection
2/25/2017: WUSTL acceptance, Dartmouth withdrawal, Virginia withdrawal, Minnesota withdrawal
2/28/2017: Vanderbilt acceptance
3/1/2017: Emory rejection
3/7/2017: Yale rejection
3/14/2017: Michigan Upper tier WL
4/5/2017: Pitt withdrawal
4/17/2017: Miami rejection
4/26/16: Vandy and UNMC withdraw