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Application Cycles: 2011
Demographics: Male, South Asian
Home State: New York

Undergraduate College: Stony Brook University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 13, PS 12, VR 10, M
Overall GPA: 3.23
Science GPA: 3.17

Brief Profile:
I worked as a computer troubleshooter/nerd who people call to 'Fix' their computers at a non-profit organization ( I am not going to mention the name because then you will be able to know who I am). I also worked at the school library while I was in school.
I worked as a teaching assistant for an undergradute organic chemistry course for an year.
Student Researcher in Neurobiology and Behavior for an year.
Key organizer for Hindu Cultural Events on campus for the year 2005-2006.
Worked through an organization to help students deal with adjustment issues on campus and depression. Duration: 2 years.
Volunteered at the local hospital for an year.
Travelled extensively abroad.

AMCAS submitted: 2011

Applied, Rejected

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

Application Complete, Withdrew

Attended Interview, Withdrew


Summary of Application Experience

What can I say? Life is a learning experience. The second and fourth years of my undergraduate career were pretty good and the first and third years were not so good. I hope my mcat shows these medical schools that I am competent and can do well in medical school. As I have said, life is a learning experience. I seriously contemplated what I wanted to do in life and bingo, I wanted to be a physician. After this startling revelation, I took the mcat, I retook the classes I did not do well in... so on and so forth. As far as I know, I did well on the mcat and scored not less than an A in the classes that I had repeated. Then, I applied to the following schools (see list above). Out of those schools, two schools (KCUMB and NYCOM) called me for interviews. Both schools, KCUMB and NYCOM have accepted me.
For me, being an osteopathic physician is intriguing because I get to learn OMT along with all the other things, which is always a plus point when trying to serve your patients better as a primary care physician.

So I am very happy about my acceptance to New York College of Osteopathic medicine & Kansas city university of medicine and biosciences. As of right now, I don't know where I will end up.

10/30: I just found out that I have a 'HOLD' in SUNY Upstate. The thing about state schools is that they are cheap.

If there is an option that allows me to go to a cheap state school like upstate, StonyBrook, Downstate, buffalo, I will probably choose to go there. Other than that, osteopathic / Allopathic is all the same to me.
yes, I say allopathic= osteopathic because it does in the world of healthcare. My family members though carry a bias that an allopathic degree is superior because of the letters 'MD', when in fact an MD does the same thing as a DO and makes the same amount of money. Their biases do not affect me, I have done alot of research, talked to many doctors and even surgeons, all of whom have claimed that MD=DO. Hence, I choose to value real life experience over ignorance.

As of right now though, I guess I am happy that I have an opportunity to become a physician whether allopathic or osteopathic. I am leaning toward NYCOM because it is closer to home, but KCUMB seems like such an interesting choice as well.

However, I am waiting for the NY state schools to respond, so I still don't know where I am going to end up.

01/2008 : Bah I withdrew from all schools, that haven't rejected me, including upstate, I am wishing to go to nycom/nyit that its the end of it.