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Application Cycles: 6/27/2011
Demographics: Female, 27, South Asian
Home State: Illinois
Last Activity Date: 5/11/2012
SDN Handle: phnerd1105

Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: Private school
Area of Study: Psychology/Social Sciences

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, Q
Overall GPA: 3.63
Science GPA: 3.60

Brief Profile:
MCAT: Starts with a 3 and is double digits

Dual degree student (BS/MPH)

ECs removed for anonymity.....please PM me on SDN if you would like a list. ECs are strong though, lots of leadership, clinical work and volunteering.

AMCAS submitted: 6/27/2011


Florida International University - "Didn't fill out secondary"
SUNY Stony Brook - "Didn't submit secondary"
University of Toledo - "Never got secondary"
West Virginia University - "Screened in (usually automatic interview) but didn't have time to complete secondary in time frame/d..."
Northwestern University - "Top choice, but its a long shot"
Jefferson Medical College - "Will not complete secondary due to averaging MCAT scores"
The Commonwealth Medical College - "Will not complete secondary...didn't realize strong NE PA emphasis"

Applied, Rejected

Southern Illinois University - "Placed on hold pre-secondary. Rejected pre-secondary 1/5/2012"

Application Complete

Drexel University - "Placed in the "future review" pile (pre-interview hold)...essentially a rejection. Mid-December M..."

Application Complete, Rejected

Loyola University Chicago - "Hold status- 1/3/2012. Update letter sent 1/18."
Mayo Medical School - "I don't know why I applied here. I guess a girl can dream"
Baylor College - "shot in the dark...only applied because it was close to my then-bf"
Cleveland Clinic Medical School - "No shot whatsoever "
Medical College of Wisconsin - "Rejected two months after being complete, without even being small pooled. Sad, thought I had a good..."
Rosalind Franklin University - "Small pooled 10/6"
Georgetown University - "Rejected...sad, I had written some of my best essays for this school and was really excited to visit..."
Saint Louis University - "Update letter sent beginning of January. "
Rush Medical College - "Top choice for sure. Pretty sure they're done interviewing by now :( Heart = broken"
Ohio State University - "Done interviewing."
Virginia Tech Carilion - ""Our interview season is over" email"
Wake Forest University - "Received the following status update: "Although your application was in an interview category, we ha..."

Attended Interview

Temple University - "Will attend because I've heard great things about the school from multiple people."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Case Western Reserve University - "Alma mater and first invite! Hope this goes well! UPDATE: absolutely IN LOVE with this school. The p..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

Creighton University - "WITHDREW. Wouldn't attend this school over UIC. 2/10: Waitlisted. Bummer. Really though I was a g..."


New York Medical College - "WITHDREW due to UofI acceptance. Had an okay experience here. Accepted the morning of 3/27, right..."
Albany Medical College - "ACCEPTED! MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE! AHHH! Will be withdrawing. Breaks my heart though, since it was my..."
University of Illinois - "STATE SCHOOL LOVE! Interviewed and accepted to the Urban Medicine track at the Chicago campus. Most ..."

Summary of Application Experience

Spring semester: Took MCAT, received MCAT scores. Huge disappointment. Retaking in summer
5/5: Transcripts requested
5/16: Transcripts received by AMCAS
6/27: AMCAS finally submitted for verification with one school
7/20: AMCAS verified with a slight bump in sGPA! :) Took 23 days for verification.
8/16: Received MCAT scores! Slightly disappointed, but hopefully I never have to take it again!
8/17: Resubmitted primary with 33 more schools