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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2005
  • Demographics: Female, Caucasian
  • Home state: Mississippi
  • Brief Profile: These are activities as listed on my AMCAS:
    Disadvantaged student status due to economic hardship.
    Volunteer activity coordinator for an assisted living home. (2.5 years)
    Biomedical Science Society officer. (2 years as officer)
    Biomedical Science Society Philanthropy Award for work at assisted living home.
    Violin. I learned to play the violin while in college and inspired to play by my organic chemistry course.
    Cardiology technician for 4 years at local hospital (worked throughout my undergrad).
    Student's Teaching America's Youth - reading tutor for first graders (6 months - 15 hours a week)
    Freshman Athlete Tutor (6 months - 9 hours per week. Mostly to non- US Citizens with poor English)
    Stephen P. Hatten Premedical Externship (shadowed several physicians for a few hours a week for one school year)
    Biology Honor Society (Beta, Beta, Beta)
    Undergraduate Thesis (2 years worth of work to graudate summa cum laude)
    Founding member of Southern Miss's Roots & Shoots chapter.
    LUMCON Cruise - Scientific Cruise to gather info in Gulf of Mexico.
    Distinguished Senior Award - given out to several graduating seniors in the biology department.

    I only listed experiences that I felt had the greatest quality. No fluff. I did not take up all of the available spaces on the experiences section.
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