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Application Cycles: 2011
Demographics: Male, 16, African
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 8/19/2012

Undergraduate College: You See El Ay

MCAT: BS 14, PS 13, VR 13, R
Overall GPA: 0.50
Science GPA: 0.50

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 2011

Application Complete

Stanford University - "so elusive. so they're done interviewing, and I've yet to hear anything... guessing this is a pr..."

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Pennsylvania - "It's cool, the Fresh Prince left Philly anyways."
University of California, San Diego - "On Hold. Cali pitching a shut-out right now. I didn't want your picturesque beaches and perfect ..."
Harvard University - "apparently I am not worthy. I'll continue to imagine them enjoying their caviar and 60 year old bott..."
University of California, San Francisco - "didn't save enough Ecuadorians."
University of California, Davis - "didn't want to be a doctor on a dairy farm anyways. (I know, I know. my stereotype isn't even ve..."
Cornell University - "got rejected, like a boss"
University of California, Irvine - "indifferent. or in the wise words of yadida aka west coast best coast, "meh""

Application Complete, Withdrew

University of Southern California - "University of Second Choice. Just because you change your name and get a big donation doesn't instan..."
Combined PhD/MSTP: No
  • Submitted: Yes
  • Secondary Completed: Yes
  • Interview Invite: No
  • Interview Attended: No
  • Waitlisted: No
  • Accepted: No
  • Rejected: No
Summary of Experience:

University of Second Choice. Just because you change your name and get a big donation doesn't instantly make you "The new name in world-class medicine." It's like the girl you meet at the bar that seems oddly familiar. You quickly realize it's that girl from high school that wore paint covered overalls all junior year. Yeah, she lost a few pounds and upgraded her wardrobe, but she's still just Jenny from the block. But please, "fight on" to be the 2nd or 3rd best hospital in LA. At least you have location going for you...

In all honesty, USC is a good school, and with the increased funding, it seems to be making progress towards becoming a more highly respected medical school.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine - "don't know anything about Mount Sinai. probably a good school, but seems to be overshadowed by the o..."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University - "(03/12) YESSSS!!! they deemed me worthy of an interview!!!! ...yeah, I'm basically an Einstein g..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Duke University - "DukeMed has a great reputation, but I didn't get the best feel here. They are in the process of cons..."
Yale University - "ivy league mystique. Yale System (P/F, no grades, anonymous tests). flexibility in the curriculum ca..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

University of California, Los Angeles - "Pros: location. Ronald Reagan hospital. very good research opportunities. happy/cool students. being..."
University of Michigan - "first interview, and it certainly set the bar high. the undergrad campus definitely adds life to the..."
Washington University in St. Louis - "great school, but it truly is a "numbers" school (avg MCAT is an absurd ~37). grades during 2nd year..."
Johns Hopkins University - "it's the Johns Hopkins. incredible hospital, incredible faculty, incredible school. had a great expe..."
University of Pittsburgh - "the inevitable waitlist"
Columbia University - "very impressive. hard to beat NYC. happy/cool students. ..and the wait continues. there's some ho..."
Vanderbilt University - "~21 weeks post-interview and still nothing. So much for getting a decision in 6-8 weeks as they emph..."

Accepted off Waitlist

Northwestern University - "Really not impressed. location was great, but that's it. I'm sure it's a good school, but nothing st..."


New York University - "big fan of NYU. great clinical experience at Bellevue. abbreviated curriculum similar to Columbia (1..."
University of Chicago - "quickly moved up my list after visiting. all about the "Pritzker fit." seems like they really care a..."
Case Western Reserve University - "the school itself is great. good research opportunities. good clinical experience. nice faculty. big..."
Tufts University - "very enjoyable. nice students. nice location. not the same research opportunities as the top schools..."

Summary of Application Experience

enter ubiquitous 'will update after the cycle' statement. ...No, really, I will...if I remember.

Here is my biased rankings of the schools that gave me interviews: (really just for me based on my preferences, impressions from the schools and fit)

1. Hopkins
2. Columbia
3. University of Chicago

5. Yale/Duke
6. University of Michigan

7. NYU
8. Wash U
9. Vanderbilt
10. U Pitt
11. Northwestern
12. Case Western

13. Tufts

Methodology: get the F outta here with that nonsense