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Application Cycles: 2011
Demographics: Male, 16, African
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 8/19/2012

Undergraduate College: You See El Ay

MCAT: BS 14, PS 13, VR 13, R
Overall GPA: 0.50
Science GPA: 0.50

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 2011

Application Complete

Stanford University - "so elusive. so they're done interviewing, and I've yet to hear anything... guessing this is a pr..."

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Pennsylvania - "It's cool, the Fresh Prince left Philly anyways."
University of California, San Diego - "On Hold. Cali pitching a shut-out right now. I didn't want your picturesque beaches and perfect ..."
Harvard University - "apparently I am not worthy. I'll continue to imagine them enjoying their caviar and 60 year old bott..."
University of California, San Francisco - "didn't save enough Ecuadorians."
Combined PhD/MSTP: No
  • Submitted: Yes
  • Secondary Completed: Yes
  • Interview Invite: No
  • Interview Attended: No
  • Waitlisted: No
  • Accepted: No
  • Rejected: Yes
Summary of Experience:

didn't save enough Ecuadorians.

University of California, Davis - "didn't want to be a doctor on a dairy farm anyways. (I know, I know. my stereotype isn't even ve..."
Cornell University - "got rejected, like a boss"
University of California, Irvine - "indifferent. or in the wise words of yadida aka west coast best coast, "meh""

Application Complete, Withdrew

University of Southern California - "University of Second Choice. Just because you change your name and get a big donation doesn't instan..."
Mount Sinai School of Medicine - "don't know anything about Mount Sinai. probably a good school, but seems to be overshadowed by the o..."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University - "(03/12) YESSSS!!! they deemed me worthy of an interview!!!! ...yeah, I'm basically an Einstein g..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Duke University - "DukeMed has a great reputation, but I didn't get the best feel here. They are in the process of cons..."
Yale University - "ivy league mystique. Yale System (P/F, no grades, anonymous tests). flexibility in the curriculum ca..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

University of California, Los Angeles - "Pros: location. Ronald Reagan hospital. very good research opportunities. happy/cool students. being..."
University of Michigan - "first interview, and it certainly set the bar high. the undergrad campus definitely adds life to the..."
Washington University in St. Louis - "great school, but it truly is a "numbers" school (avg MCAT is an absurd ~37). grades during 2nd year..."
Johns Hopkins University - "it's the Johns Hopkins. incredible hospital, incredible faculty, incredible school. had a great expe..."
University of Pittsburgh - "the inevitable waitlist"
Columbia University - "very impressive. hard to beat NYC. happy/cool students. ..and the wait continues. there's some ho..."
Vanderbilt University - "~21 weeks post-interview and still nothing. So much for getting a decision in 6-8 weeks as they emph..."

Accepted off Waitlist

Northwestern University - "Really not impressed. location was great, but that's it. I'm sure it's a good school, but nothing st..."


New York University - "big fan of NYU. great clinical experience at Bellevue. abbreviated curriculum similar to Columbia (1..."
University of Chicago - "quickly moved up my list after visiting. all about the "Pritzker fit." seems like they really care a..."
Case Western Reserve University - "the school itself is great. good research opportunities. good clinical experience. nice faculty. big..."
Tufts University - "very enjoyable. nice students. nice location. not the same research opportunities as the top schools..."

Summary of Application Experience

enter ubiquitous 'will update after the cycle' statement. ...No, really, I will...if I remember.

Here is my biased rankings of the schools that gave me interviews: (really just for me based on my preferences, impressions from the schools and fit)

1. Hopkins
2. Columbia
3. University of Chicago

5. Yale/Duke
6. University of Michigan

7. NYU
8. Wash U
9. Vanderbilt
10. U Pitt
11. Northwestern
12. Case Western

13. Tufts

Methodology: get the F outta here with that nonsense