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Application Cycles: 7/8/2011
Demographics: Male, 30, Arabic
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 5/15/2013
SDN Handle: premed67783

Undergraduate College: UC Davis
Undergraduate Area of Study: Engineering/Technology

Institution: Tufts University
Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
Degree Obtained: MS

MCAT: BS 14, PS 14, VR 10, Q
Overall GPA: 3.38
Science GPA: 3.58

Brief Profile:
-Biomedical Engineering Major
~100 hours as an emergency department volunteer
~50 hours as an Orthotics department volunteer
~50 hours volunteering at a local primary care clinic
~40 hours of clinical shadowing
-Spent one month doing an global health volunteer program in Ecuador
-Spent 2 years as the financial coordinator (ie treasurer) for my undergraduate student cultural organization
~1.5 years as an undergraduate assistant in a biomedical engineering lab. Made a presentation at an undergraduate research conference.
-Completed a capstone biomedical engineering design project for my major. We designed, fabricated, and tested an implantable medical device and presented our results to the clinical translational sciences center.
-participated in a university honors program, member of tau beta pi (engineering honors society), and EMT certified.

My undergraduate grades weren't that great (i blame the rigorous engineering curriculum in addition to premed), but b/c of my solid mcat scores, I opted to do a special master's program. I got a 3.7 in the master's program, and I am now doing lab research for my thesis.

I applied really broadly, including a bunch of top tier schools as well as low tier schools, and lots in the middle. We'll see how this goes...

AMCAS submitted: 7/8/2011

Applied, Rejected

Indiana University - "first rejection!! didnt really hurt that much, but I was hoping I'd get an interview invite BEFORE m..."
Vanderbilt University - "Rejected by mail. Probably one of the nicest rejections I've ever read. "this decision does not refl..."

Applied, Withdrew

Combined PhD/MSTP: No
  • Submitted: 7/8/2011
  • Secondary Completed: No
  • Interview Invite: No
  • Interview Attended: No
  • Waitlisted: No
  • Accepted: No
  • Rejected: No

Application Complete, Rejected

Wake Forest University - "I had a terrible experience with their admissions office. Before sending me a secondary, they reques..."
Mayo Medical School - "i was pretty shocked when I got an LOR request, not so shocked when I got rejected."
University of California, San Francisco - "sigh, it was a nice pipe dream. I WILL be back for residency."
University of California, Irvine - "they told me I can contact them in May for feedback on my application."
Dartmouth College - "They offered to let me call back in May to get feedback on my application. That's nice of them."
Stanford University - "Not counting on this one at all, but it's so close to home, i had to try. 1/31: finally received the..."
University of Iowa - "these people are so nice! they took the time to sit on the phone with me and go over my application ..."
New York University - "no email or any sort of notification of being rejected. They just let applicants eventually figure o..."
University of California, San Diego - "waitlisted for interview"

Attended Interview, Withdrew

University of Illinois - "I'm pretty sure this school doesnt read the secondary responses. I forgot to fill in the last couple..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

University of Cincinnati - "I emailed Cinci to let them know i'll be "in the area" for my OSU interview. Two days later, they re..."
Ohio State University - ""Deferred - Decision Pending""
Tufts University - "i love tufts. ive always liked what ive seen of the program from my experience with my masters, but ..."

Accepted off Waitlist

Case Western Reserve University - "THIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING!! from the well-executed PBL to the designated research block, case's curricu..."

Summary of Application Experience

AMCAS Submitted: 7/8/11
AMCAS Verified: 8/8/11

It was an extremely painful process, but im very pleased with how things worked out. In the end my only acceptance was at one of my first choice programs: one that I didnt think I stood a chance at, and one of the last schools I expected to take me.

wow, it has been quite an emotional roller coaster ride! CASE MED CLASS OF 2016 WOOOO!