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jeremy lin

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Application Cycles: 6/10/2011
Demographics: Male, 31, Caucasian
Home State: Washington
Last Activity Date: 9/23/2012

Undergraduate College: University of Chicago
Undergraduate Area of Study: Physical Sciences

MCAT: BS 15, PS 13, VR 11, O
Overall GPA: 3.81
Science GPA: 3.83

Brief Profile:
AMCAS was verified 6/21/2011
TMDSAS GPA 3.87/3.86s (i have a bunch of A-'s which tmdsas rounds up to A's ^.^)
TMDSAS was submitted 7/29/2011 and verified/transmitted on 8/15/2011
My committee packet was uploaded to AMCAS and TMDSAS on 8/26/2011

Chemistry BA

I wanted to make one of these things to represent UofC on this site since there aren't many recent profiles. I did a lot of research in college (wasn't premed but took all the prereqs b/c of my major) and graduated 2 quarters early. I worked a career completely unrelated to medicine for 2.5 years after graduation, then got back into research for another 2 years while I applied.

Overall my application has a lot of research, some unique work experience, only a little shadowing, and almost no volunteering at all. I think I partially made up for these deficiencies by focusing on schools that seem to value research over service or value strong school/grades/mcat more than the norm. I did my best to sell how my work and life experiences translated towards being a driven and compassionate doctor. I also did a fair amount of book-reading about being a doctor and problems in healthcare. This didn't go on my application specifically but it definitely helped me articulate why I wanted to be a doctor and why I would be a good one.

AMCAS submitted: 6/10/2011

Applied, Rejected

University of Texas, Houston - "no secondary. silent rejection."

Application Complete, Rejected

Medical College of Wisconsin - "10/25: small pool. 3/1: assume silent rejection."
Harvard University - "applied both NP and HST"
University of Washington - "sad, but not a shocker. i didn't fit their mission statement at all."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Northwestern University - "screwed this interview up badly, especially the group one. damn. 12/7: deferred"

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

Baylor College - "interviews were good and with some really fun faculty. i've had my eye on baylor ever since i decide..."
University of Chicago - "found out about the continued status (ie waitlist) on Christmas Eve, really sad day. interviews were..."
University of Pennsylvania - "faculty interview was pretty bad. i could tell from the moment he introduced himself he didn't like ..."

Accepted off Waitlist

University of Pittsburgh - "interviews were mediocre but both student and faculty interviewer were really nice and seemed to und..."


University of Michigan - "was such a relief to have an awesome acceptance so early on. was my first interview day and i didn't..."
University of Texas, Southwestern - "every admitted non-Texan gets IS tuition + $1k/yr scholarship...sweet ;) interviews were great/lucky..."
University of Illinois - "interviewed at rockford, assigned to chicago. was a panel interview and the closest thing i had to a..."
Washington University in St. Louis - "added this school pretty late in the game. interview was great--really liked that we had a whole hou..."

Summary of Application Experience

I have strong ties to IL and good stats so I felt comfortable applying top-heavy and leaning on UIC as a pretty sweet "backup." If I was a straight-up WA resident I would have had to apply a lot more broadly since UW is a crap shoot. If I hadn't gotten in to Michigan on Oct 15 I probably would have applied to Rush too.

I focused on schools that offer a lot of scholarships (Mayo, Pritzker, Penn, Michigan, WashU), have a low sticker price (UTSW, UT-Houston, Baylor, UDub), or otherwise seemed like a great fit for someone interested in biomed research (Pitt, Harvard). I had also been on the fence about adding Vandy, Wisconsin, Stanford, Hopkins, and Yale but never got around to them. In hindsight I probably should have tried for Hopkins since after going through this process I've noticed quite a few cross-admits between Michigan, WashU, and Hopkins but fewer between say WashU and Harvard (mostly from talking to other applicants and med students, I don't have hard evidence to back this up). I probably would have stuck with Southwestern over anywhere else anyway so it didn't matter.

The biggest factor in my school choice was my fiance applied to PhD programs along with me this cycle. Whenever one of us received an acceptance we would notify the other program's dean about us being a couple. There is no way of knowing for sure but I do believe these updates helped us and I would strongly recommend these communcations to others in similar situations. When all was said and done we were extremely lucky to both have options in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. We chose UTSW because it was by far the best fit for her (PhD programs tend to vary a lot more in their specifics than med schools do--in general I think all med schools give you the opportunities to succeed). Financial security was also important--the low cost of tuition at Southwestern coupled with low housing prices and cost of living in Dallas will allow us to easily get through school debt-free. I am a little worried I didn't choose the most prestigious school I was admitted to--if I was 22, single, and broke I probably would have gone to WashU or Michigan and taken loans--but I am very happy with our decision and can't wait to start.