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Application Cycles: 12/28/2011
Demographics: Male, 26, Caucasian
Home State: Massachusetts
Last Activity Date: 6/3/2012
SDN Handle: Chops369

Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, J
Overall GPA: 3.56
Science GPA: 3.54

Brief Profile:
CAVEAT: I have not applied yet, and will not apply until after I graduate. Until then, this profile will only serve to keep tabs on my ECs and running AMCAS GPA.

The school list I have provided is only a very rough approximation of where I plan to apply, and is based on my LizzyM score calculated with my current GPA and assuming an MCAT of ~30.

AMCAS submitted: 12/28/2011


Summary of Application Experience


* Academic Recognition
-Dean's List (3 semesters)

* Work Experience
-Department store (Oct. 2009 - Jan. 2010; ~16 hrs/wk)
-Retail Pharmacy Technician (Mar. 2010 - Sep. 2010; 5 hrs/wk)
-Ice cream maker guy at chain restaurant (Feb. 2012 - present; 10 - 16 hrs/wk)

*Clinical Experience
-Volunteering - Patient transport in community hospital (Dec. 2011 - present; 4 hrs/wk)

* Teaching

* Research

* Hobbies/Random Stuff
-Bass fishing
-EDM production

My ECs are somewhat lackluster since I was committed to completely different career goals for about a year and a half (also, I'm kind of lazy). I'm in no rush, so I'll most likely take a gap year (or two) to complete a master's and improve my application. I also don't plan to dedicate the better part of my life to getting into medical school. If I don't make it after two cycles, it's Ph.D. or bust.