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Application Cycles: 7/1/2011
Demographics: Male, 31, Caucasian
Home State: Florida
Last Activity Date: 10/15/2013

Undergraduate College: State university in Ohio
Undergraduate Area of Study: [missing]

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, Q
Overall GPA: 3.96
Science GPA: 4.00

Brief Profile:
I attended college in Ohio, moved to south for work, and then decided to pursue medicine after launching a career.

AMCAS submitted: 7/1/2011

Application Complete, Rejected

Mayo Medical School - "Made it all the way before the interview invite. A shame! It was good to at least be considered for ..."
Wake Forest University - "Screened in. "

Application Complete, Withdrew

Emory University - "I figured I didn't have a chance, and after my UF interview, I decided that I would rather pay insta..."
Tulane University - "Still waiting. "

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Des Moines University - "Accepted to CCOM and NSU. "
Kansas City University - "Accepted to CCOM and NSU. "
Lake Erie College - Bradenton - "Withdrew before interview. "


University of Florida - "I left UF totally impressed with it. Love this school. It's where I'm at now. I'm glad they beli..."
Saint Louis University - "I really enjoyed this school. Their mission really spoke to me. The students and faculty seemed awes..."
Uniformed Services University - "I wanted to check out this option because I'm married and most my family has served at one point of ..."
University of South Florida - "Interesting school and interview program. However, something struck me funny about the place. I ..."
Chicago College of Mid. University - "My first acceptance. Stress was gone! I did much better on my future interviews because of my lack o..."
Florida State University - "My first state school acceptance! I like FSU alot. They have a very definitive mission. The one-on-o..."
Florida International University - "This process takes forever! The school was fun and I'm sure it will be an awesome program in the fut..."
Nova Southeastern University - "Was invited to their medical student experience program. It felt like they were trying to sell the s..."
West Virginia (D.O.) - "Withdrew after CCOM and NSU. "

Summary of Application Experience

MCAT 30 - 35.

- Worked almost full-time throughout college at a variety of job.
- Held multiple leadership positions during college and after.
- Worked full-time leading up to post-bac studies, and then throttled the work down slight for awesome classes like Organic Chemistry (which I loved).
- Research assistant, no publications.
- Married
- My original undergraduate degree was in education.

I didn't include schools to which I applied and withdrew. Again, because I thought I had a moderate application, I over-applied. Once accepted to UF, I pretty much stopped the interview process. Love UF.