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Application Cycles: 7/1/2011
Demographics: Male, 29, Caucasian
Home State: Michigan
Last Activity Date: 3/2/2012

Undergraduate College: Oakland University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, Q
Overall GPA: 3.80
Science GPA: 3.80

Brief Profile:
A little background info
- MCAT 33 GPA: 3.8~
- Some research (no publications)
- volunteered at local hospital for a year
- tutoring at local outreach center
- worked full time for most of undergrad
- team sports etc.

AMCAS submitted: 7/1/2011

Applied, Withdrew

Rosalind Franklin University - "Decided not to complete secondary"
Ohio State University - "Decided not to complete secondary"
University of Illinois - "Decided not to complete secondary"

Application Complete

Invited for Interview

Attended Interview

Oakland University - "Great interview experience. After spending all day touring the school and hospital I really got a gr..."
Michigan State University - "Loved the school. Grand rapids campus is beyond beautiful and the interview day was very well organi..."

Summary of Application Experience

Alright so like most anxious and neurotic pre-med, I spend a considerable amount of time stalking other peoples profiles to gauge my own chances at an acceptance letter. So now I think its time for me to pay back the favor and make my own profile in hopes of it helping the new wave of pre-meds.

September 2011:
Due to some circumstances beyond my control going out of state is not an option any longer. So I decided not to send in any secondaries to out of state schools. Not to down about it since i wanted to stay in state in the first place

November 2011:
-Attended interview at MSU CHM. Loved the school and campus. Very friendly atmosphere. Keeping my fingers crossed.
-Interview invite from OUWB. Really looking forward to this one.