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Application Cycles: 6/15/2011
Demographics: Male, 35, Caucasian
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 5/8/2012
SDN Handle: nucleophilic

Undergraduate College: Top 25 LAC
Undergraduate Area of Study: Psychology/Social Sciences

MCAT: BS 11, PS 12, VR 11, Q
Overall GPA: 3.43
Science GPA: 3.58

Brief Profile:
Undergrad (Top 25 LAC):
cGPA: >3.0
sGPA: >2.0
cGPA: 4.0
sGPA: 4.0

AMCAS submitted: 6/15/2011

Applied, Rejected

University of California, Los Angeles - "No invite to complete secondary."

Application Complete, Rejected

George Washington University - "Application on hold/re-review"
Temple University - ""Under Review" "
University of Pennsylvania - "11/16/11: The Committee on Admissions reviewed your application but has not invited you for an inte..."
New York University - "Sounds like all the interviews have been handed out. "
Drexel University - "Application on hold/re-review"
Harvard University - "Sounds like if you don't hear by mid-January about an II, you aren't getting one. Adding this to the..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

University of Vermont - "10/21/11: OOS waitlist"
University of California, Irvine - "12/8/11: Alternate list. 11/7/11: Interview attended. 9/5/11: interview invite"


Tufts University - "11/1/11: Accepted to Tufts Maine Track 9/11: Interview Invite to the Tufts Maine Track"