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Application Cycles: 6/28/2011
Demographics: Male, 32, Caucasian
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 2/6/2012
SDN Handle: DrWily

Undergraduate College: University of California
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 10, PS 13, VR 10, Q
Overall GPA: 3.14
Science GPA: 2.96

Brief Profile:

General Information

Major: Chemistry
Graduated: June, 2008

26 year old graduate with a B.S. in Chemistry from a University of California school. Straight out of college, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to do medicine and the sacrifices that came with the job. I got hired at one of my old college jobs as a Sales assistant with the prospect of leading my own sales team. I wanted to give business a shot and see where it could take me. However, after only 6 months I realized that it just wasn't for me and I went back to volunteering and shadowing to revist my old interest in medicine. I quickly fell in love and knew that I wanted to be a physician. I am currently planning to marry my long-time girlfriend of 5.5 years (she's an RN) and we don't plan on having children at this point.

Since I am from California with sub-optimal stats, I'm applying to all OOS schools that I can. I have a great MCAT of 33 but my GPA lacks hard due to poor performance and poor decisions during my 1st and 2nd year at UC. I have applied to 19 DO schools this cycle. Right now I'm interested in anesthesiology as my background is in chemistry, but I'm keeping an open mind and I'm sure I'll change my mind at least a few times during the four year education. I hope I get in this year as I'm already 26, and will be 27 before matriculation (I hope this cycle is nice to me).


(Irritated that AACOMAS counts college courses I took during high school. I would have over a 3.0 sGPA if they didn't)


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Academic Recognition

Dean's Honor Roll (3 Quarters)


Volunteer Emergency Animal Rescue - 40+ hours


IT Sales Company - (20-40 hours a week)
Medical Supply Company - (20-40 hours a week)
Sony Corporation - (32-40 hours a week)

Research Activities

Undergrad Research in Computation Chem Lab
Publication in Carbene Chemistry

Healthcare Activities

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) Fall 2010 - 175 hours
Emergency Department Volunteer - 112 hours
Hospice Care - 30 hours


Shadow PCP Harvard MD, also Director of Medicine - 60 hours
Shadow PCP DO at VA Clinic- 20 hours

Community Service

Volunteer @ small rural community Clinic - 100 hours

Extracurricular / Leisure

Puzzles & Board Games

Planned Activities

Courses @ Community College
Shadow a D.O.
Continue Community Service opportunities

Letter of Recommendation

1. Obtained excellent letter of recommendation from the PCP MD that I shadowed. He is a mentor to me now and I believe his letter carries a lot of weight.
2. Science: Letter from a highly acclaimed professor at UC and I got A's in both of the classes he taught. I believe he wrote favorably about me, but he did express some concern about my unfortunate 1st and 2nd year.
3. Science: Letter from a professor that I received an A- in his class. He was not very talkative during the whole process but I believe he wrote me a favorable letter, but its probably not very strong.
4. DO: ADDED LATE. After I submitted my application, I shadowed a primary care D.O. at the Veteran's Affairs hospital. I got to know him over the course of 2 months and I believe he wrote me a great letter of recommendation. I set it out to all my schools as soon as I had received it into Interfolio


I followed SDN's 90 day technique, but expanded it to about four months. I studied hard everyday, reviewing a lot of material that I had forgotten since I took the MCAT years after my pre-req classes. I was getting 32-36's on practice tests and landed a 33Q on the real deal (PS 13 BS 10 V 10, Q) I was super surprised from the PS13 due to the fact that my BS was always higher than PS during the practices.

Cost of Application

AACOMAS: 19 DO schools - $751
AMCAS: - $160 (submitted + withdrawn for refund)

Secondaries: $850
LECOM-B/E-$100 (for both)
AZCOM - $50
CCOM - $50
RVU - $50
NSUCOM - $50
TUCOM-CA - $100
LMU - $50
UMDNJ - $90
PCOM - $60 ($50 app fee + $10 dean cert fee from my undergrad)

Travel Costs: $1098
LECOM-E = $430 flight, $62 hotel, (+ $100 lost at airport changing flights)
AZCOM = $130 car rental, $120 in gas, $226 hotel (stayed all weekend with teh woman)

Interview Attire: $1175
Suit = Brooks Brothers Milano Flannel Grey 42R ($550)
Tie = Navy Pindot ($21 Tiebar.com)
Shirt = Brooks Brothers White XSlim ($80)
Shoes = Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Black Captoe ($353)
Belt = Allen Edmonds Calfskin ($96.81)
Pocket Square = White Linen ($20 Kent Wang)
Garment Bag = $35 on Amazon.
Leatherbound Folder = Staples ($20)

Total so far = $4004

Sheesh. Process isn't cheap!

AMCAS submitted: 6/28/2011


West Virginia (D.O.) - "Decision Deffered since I'm not from the area."
Pacific Northwest University - "Secondary on hold until December for regional bias."

Applied, Rejected

Kansas City University - "Auto-Rejected for 2.96 sGPA. No Secondary."
Des Moines University - "Auto-Rejected for 2.96 sGPA. No secondary"
Touro University - Henderson - "3rd Choice D.O. Still Close to Home Rejected due to <3.0 sGPA."

Applied, Withdrew

Michigan State University (DO) - "Couldn't be bothered to do the long secondary. Withdrew after AZCOM acceptance."
New York College of New York Tech. - "Couldn't be bothered to finish the secondary. Withdrew after AZCOM acceptance."
University of New England - "Did not complete secondary (too long). Would not attend over AZCOM"
Touro University - Harlem - "Sitting on this secondary until next payday.. $200 secondary. Withdrew. Would not attend over AZ..."

Application Complete

Lake Erie College - Bradenton - "Would love to attend LECOM for PBL and cheaper tuition. ** Re-Review in 60 Days...**"

Application Complete, Rejected

Chicago College of Mid. University - "Ain't crying. Going to Midwestern anyway!"
Rocky Vista University - "Very unimpressed with this school. No email, No Phone call, No Letter. I was basically notified of m..."
Western University of Health Sciences - "Top Choice for D.O. Schools! Close to home. On Pre-Interview Re-Review :( **** Rejection Email..."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

A.T. Still University - Kirksville - "Would not attend over AZCOM"
A.T. Still University - Mesa - "Would not attend over AZCOM"
Nova Southeastern University - "Would not attend over AZCOM "
Lincoln Memorial University - "Invited for an interview after AZCOM acceptance. Withdrew. Would not attend over AZCOM"

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Lake Erie College - Erie - "First Interview Invite of the cycle! Waitlisted :("


Arizona College of Mid. University - "2nd Choice D.O. Close to Home with LA Rotations! ** ACCEPTED! ** So excited for this school. Tuit..."

Summary of Application Experience

AACOMAS Submitted: 6/28/11
AACOMAS Verified: 7/25/11
Secondaries Received: 7/27/11

10/17: Arrived at AZCOM in the morning. Psyching myself out the whole day trying to prepare for the interview. The facilities were nice and the students looked happy. I like the use of technology in the classrooms, but I hope they can get the faculty to record their lectures before 2012. Cafeteria was nice, and plenty of things to do to relax. Tuition is high, but I'd be happy to pay it. It was HOT too. My interview went pretty well, I was last due to my last name. We had some laughs, and 20 min flew by. One of the interviewers even said "Wow, it's been 20 min already?" so I took that as a good thing. Afterwards, packed up and drove home. Stopped at a gas station and checked the student portal and saw the Accepted Student Checklist. I couldn't believe it.

10/18: Withdrew from most of the other schools and canceled my pending interviews. I'm really glad to have been accepted to my #2 school, now I can concentrate on that #1: Western Pomona. Looking up Letters of Interest and going to send out a polished draft at the end of the week. Really want to get an Interview Invite here, but if I do end up matriculating to AZCOM, I would be really really happy.

10/19: Woke up to an LMU-DCOM voicemail with an interview invite. Going to have to call em back today to cancel it and withdraw my application. It's nice to still get interview invites though :D

11/2: Mailed my Update Letter (Letter of Interest) to Western. Hope something good comes from it!

11/8: Emailed Robin at Western to make sure they received my letter and my D.O. letter of recommendation. She said they didn't get the new LOR! Time to resubmit that asap. Also received an email back from Terry at AZCOM. He said I'm going to be in the LA rotation site for my third year! This is a major plus.

11/20: Robin @ Western finally confirmed my DO LOR today. Now waiting for that precious interview invite. Nothing else I can do except wait now.

11/21: Rejection letter from CCOM today. Not really surprised but joke's on them, I'm still going to Midwestern (in Arizona!) which is in a better location for me.

12/15: All Quiet on the WESTERN Front. Get it.. huehuehue. I contacted Robin at Western's Admissions to see if they had a chance to review my update letter and new letter of recommendation. She said that they have not yet gone back through applicants they have put on hold.. and doesn't even know if they WILL. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I hope so....

1/25: My cycle is officially over. Received an email from Robin at Western saying that I was no longer being considered for an interview. Bittersweet ending. I would have loved to get an interview at Western but at least now I know for sure I'm moving to Arizona for AZCOM. It will help me better plan my next few months. I hope to see everyone at AZCOM next year!