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Application Cycles: 8/1/2010
Demographics: Female, 29, East Asian
Home State: Unknown

Undergraduate College: University of California
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 12, PS 14, VR 11, P
Overall GPA: 3.85
Science GPA: 3.85

Brief Profile:
Lots of research
Very limited clinical experience (~30hr shadowing)
Applying to only MD/PhD programs

AMCAS submitted: 8/1/2010

Application Complete, Rejected

Harvard University - "I applied for NP only due to laziness (didn't want to write the HST essay) which is a big mistake co..."
University of California, San Francisco - "It took UCSF forever to reject me post secondary. I submitted my secondary in Sept but only got reje..."

Application Complete, Withdrew

Baylor College - "Withdrew my app... I don't think I can live in Texas for 8 years =("

Invited for Interview, Withdrew


Cornell University - "I learned about the Tri-I program through a friend and it became my top choice ever since. I never t..."
Yale University - "Yale has the most friendly students ever! I only wish it was located in a safe place. New Haven was ..."
New York University - "Great interview experience! Withdrew"
Columbia University - "I had a wonderful interview day! For some reasons I clicked really well with all the NYC professors!..."
Charles Drew University/UCLA - "Loved the beautiful and forever sunny campus. The interview day was kind of cheap but I went to a UC..."
University of Pennsylvania - "UPenn has a wonderful medical school with a great teaching hospital. However, I decided to withdraw ..."

Summary of Application Experience

It\'s a super long process to apply for MD/PhD programs. It literally took up more than 1 year and thousands of dollars to apply. I recommend any fellow MD/PhD applicants to start researching about different programs once you decide that MD/PhD is right for you and try to find someone who has been through this program as your mentor. Good luck!