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Application Cycles: 7/22/2010
Demographics: Male, 29, Caucasian
Home State: Michigan
SDN Handle: Go_Blue

Undergraduate College: University of Michigan
Undergraduate Area of Study: Foreign Language/International Studies

Institution: University of Toledo
Area of Study: Other
Degree Obtained: MSBS

MCAT: BS 9, PS 11, VR 10, S
Overall GPA: 3.47
Science GPA: 2.99

Brief Profile:
About to start M1, and couldn't be more excited!

AMCAS submitted: 7/22/2010

Applied, Rejected

Wayne State University - "Rejected pre-secondary for the second straight year. Suffice to say I'm not a fan of this school. Th..."

Application Complete, Rejected


University of Toledo - "The process was a little different for me here, as I was in the Master's program. Let me know if you..."

Summary of Application Experience

Second time applying. Applied previous year to ~20 schools. Received a grand total of zero interviews. Enrolled in a Master's program this year in an effort to strengthen my application, and reapplied. Was finally accepted at the end of May. The main piece of advice I can offer to prospective students, particularly those with less than stellar grades/MCAT scores/applications, is that if you really want it, don't ever give up or let anyone tell you that you're not good enough for medical school, because that's BS. Be persistent, and you will make it.