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Application Cycles: 6/10/2011
Demographics: Female, 28, Caucasian
Home State: Tennessee
Last Activity Date: 11/5/2011
SDN Handle: vandyam

Undergraduate College: Vanderbilt University

MCAT: BS 7, PS 8, VR 10, R
Overall GPA: 3.49
Science GPA: 3.30

Brief Profile:
Research x2
CNA on Trauma floor/phlebotomist for 4 years
Worked ~45-55 hrs/wk throughout college
President of my volunteer group
120+ hrs of shadowing
Volunteering: Ronald McDonald House Charity
TA/SI for Chemistry Class

Great LORs - additional ones from DO and MD

AACOMAS: Submitted: 6/10/11, Complete:6 /22/11
AMCAS: Submitted: 6/10/11, Complete: / /

AMCAS submitted: 6/10/2011


Application Complete

A.T. Still University - Mesa - "Short-ish secondary. Re-used a some stuff from AACOMAS app."


Lincoln Memorial University - "Interview scheduled for 9/28. First one! This school was amazing. It's like a family there, and the..."
Philadelphia College - Atlanta - "My #1 choice. My fingers are crossed. I LOVED this school! This is where I will be attending! It ..."

Summary of Application Experience

I will update this as I get new information. I have a very low original MCAT score; I re-took May 20th, 2011 (didn't feel too good about it), and I am waiting to get my scores on June 21st.

5/20/11: Took MCAT: Didn't feel too hott about it, which is a huge shame. BS felt horrible. I missed easy questions I can already recall :( VB was going great until the last passage, during which I'm pretty sure I messed it up. So much for having that section pull me up. Ugh, I hate the wait.
6/10/11: Submitted primaries for both AACOMAS and AMCAS!!! My AACOMAS transcripts have been in (I jumped the gun), but I just sent in my transcripts to AMCAS, so they will be waiting. Hopefully I'll get verified soon!
6/21: Received MCAT scores back and cried my little heart out. Exact same score as before. I never made below an 11 verbal on even one practice test (out of about 12), so I am shocked beyond belief..I thought BS would bring me down. I signed up to retake July 28th. BOO...this really hurts. Hopefully this will all be a distant memory soon. I want LECOM-B to accept me!!!
6/22: AACOMAS verified
7/1: AACOMAS indicates I have officially been "released" even though I received secondaries post-dated 2 days ago.
7/1: Received CCOM, ATSU-SOMA, and ATSU-KCOM supplemental applications
7/2: Sent in ATSU-SOMA supplemental (working all weekend/trying to study for MCAT, but going to try to have the other two out by Monday)
7/6: Received NSU, VCOM, LMU-DOM, AZCOM
7/8: Sent NSU/LECOM-B secondary. Finding it hard to sacrafice MCAT study time to fill out secondaries ATM.
7/29: Took MCAT again. Felt bad/stressed immediately post-exam but remember a bunch of questions and after looking them up I got most of them right. Lets hope thats a good sign
8/20: Getting ready for my wedding next week so not much time between that, school, and work to finish secondaries. Finally found time this weekend to do ~4 of them and will update with those schools next week once I send them off. Lets hope interviews come soon!!
8/21: Sent LMU-DCOM, Western U secondary. Missing a paper for TOURO-CA secondary but will send after wedding.
9/2: Got an e-mail from LMU-DCOM contact I met last semester and she was happy to hear from me....expecting to hear something about an interview fairly soon. After the wedding I got my retake MCAT scores back: 10vb/8ps/7bs (shame I went down in bs....a 26 would have looked a lot better) for a total of 25R. Boo for writing not counting!
9/2 continued: Sent e-mails to NSU and LECOM-B to gauge my chances for interview with my updated MCAT. I hope a 25 will at least get me an interview at these schools....please! Haven't heard back yet...
9/12: I've been bad about updating. I got an interview! LMU-DCOM = first interview, and hopefully not my last. I was complete with them 8/31 and my interview is set for 9/28. Today I submitted my TUCOM-CA and PCOM-GA secondaries. Left a message with Pikeville (who is showing no love, despite my credentials matching with theirs perfectly) about them sending me a secondary, and am still in search of TUCOM-NV's phone number so I can get one from them as well.
10/5: I got bad with updating. I received an interview at LMU-DCOM on 9/28 and got the call yesterday that I got ACCEPTED! I'm going to be a doctor!!!! Dream come true :) And to top it off, today I got an interview invite at PCOM-GA! Super, super pumped. I love ATL!
10/18: I attended the PCOM-GA interview. I was obsessed with the school and the surrounding area. It's the perfect place. Me and my husbands hopes are up a little bit, so bad news would kind of be a killer. Fingers are crossed though, and hoping for the best.
11/4: Accepted to PCOM-GA! This is where I will be attending... I'm going to withdraw my applications at all other schools.