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Application Cycles: 2011
Demographics: Male, 16, Caucasian
Home State: Texas
Last Activity Date: 3/7/2012
SDN Handle: Whatyousay

Undergraduate College: State School
Undergraduate Area of Study: Engineering/Technology

MCAT: BS 14, PS 11, VR 11, Q
Overall GPA: 3.85
Science GPA: 3.85

Brief Profile:
If you have somehow figured out my identity, and you happen to be an adcom, just let me say that I love your school. And you.

Especially you.

ECs: Sometimes I wonder if I'm a cookie-cutter applicant. Then I realize how deliciously awesome it would be if I was made out of cookie dough, and I stop worrying about it.

PS: Is it good? I don't know - that's for the admissions committee to determine. I'm an above average writer with below average writing skills.

Grades / MCAT: They're just numbers. Numbers that will largely determine whether or not you get into medical school, but numbers nonetheless. So yeah, don't sweat it. Also, the MCAT sucks.

LORs: My greatest fear is that my letter writers harbor some well-hidden, deep-seated hatred of me, and have been waiting for an opportunity to destroy my future.

School list rationale: Texas resident. Maybe OOS will show me some love. I know I'll show some love right back.

Here's a brief overview of what I did on the day of my MCAT. Perhaps I would have done better if I had actually been attention to the test instead of narrating everything in my head.

6:40 AM: Woke up. Hit the snooze button.
6:50 AM: Oh wait, I'm supposed to take the MCAT today. Rolled out of bed, stubbed my toe on a book.
7:00 AM: Ate breakfast, and promptly regurgitated it.
7:10 AM: Head to testing center.
7:40 AM: Arrive at testing center, distracted by cute girl.
7:50 AM: Need to use the bathroom, but forced to wait in line.
8:00 AM: Gave up on using the bathroom.
8:10 AM: Enter testing room.
8:20 AM: Begin PS section. Promptly zone out after a very boring passage.
8:21 AM: Regain my train of thought.
8:30 AM: WTF when was I supposed to learn that?
8:31 AM: WTF why are there so many E&M questions.
8:32 AM: Okay I'm an idiot.
8:45 AM: Ah ha! No wait ... that's not right.
8:50 AM: Is it bad that my answer is 6 orders of magnitude off of every available answer choice?
8:58 AM: Still need to use the bathroom.
9:10 AM: Okay that wasn't so bad.
9:15 AM: No, I think I bombed this.
9:16 AM: SMH.
9:20 AM: Break.
9:21 AM: Consumed 1 oatmeal-chocolate chip breakfast bar. Delicious.
9:30 AM: Start of VR.
9:31 AM: Oh god, I didn't use the bathroom.
9:32 AM: Hungry for another oatmeal bar.
9:38 AM: lolwut.
9:45 AM: Bathroom bathroom bathroom.
9:55 AM: These answers all look equally right.
10:04 AM: Start imagining waterfalls and dripping faucets. Uh oh.
10:12 AM: To the writer of the passage - why are you so boring?
10:20 AM: >:(
10:30 AM: These answers all look equally wrong.
10:40 AM: Oh god need to finish. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod.
10:41 AM: Break. Bathroombathroombathroom.
10:42 AM: Consumed another cereal bar.
10:50 AM: Start of writing section.
10:51 AM: ZZZZzzzzzz.
11:00 AM: World War II.
11:30 AM: World War II again.
11:50 AM: Waste of time.
11:51 AM: Realized I'm all out of cereal bars. Panic ensues.
12:00 PM: BS section starts.
12:10 PM: Orgo LOLOLOL.
12:20 PM: Orgo LOLPWNT.
12:21 PM: Actually that wasn't too bad.
12:45 PM: Orgo discrete question. Oh MCAT, you tricky son of a gun.
12:50 PM: YES.
1:00 PM: Twiddle thumbs.
1:01 PM: Do I void?
1:02 PM: Maybe I should void.
1:03 PM: No, I shouldn't void.
1:04 PM: Maybe I will void.
1:05 PM: I could always retake if I do badly.
1:06 PM: But voiding is so much easier.
1:07 PM: Okay I'll void.
1:08 PM: No wait.
1:09 PM: Hmm.
1:11 PM: Uh oh. Did I accidentally void my MCAT?
1:20 PM: Leave the testing center.
1:30 PM: Watch TV.

AMCAS submitted: 2011

Applied, Withdrew

Duke University - "Completed the secondary at 11:20 PM CST. It was due at 12:00 AM EST. Oops. Stupid time zones."
Cornell University - "I'm not even quite sure why I applied here. In fact, I don't even remember applying here, but it's o..."
Texas Tech University - "Nice school with nice facilities and nice people, but I don't feel like I really fit the mission her..."
Texas A & M University - "Stopped reading the secondary when I got to "Aggie Honor Code.""

Application Complete

Columbia University - "Expect rejection."
Stanford University - "Well, you only live once, right?"

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Michigan - "Expect rejection."
University of Texas, San Antonio - "Going to assume a silent rejection at this point. Funny that this was my top choice at the start of ..."
Mayo Medical School - "Mayo realized I wasn't right for them at about the same time I realized they weren't right for me (s..."
University of Chicago - "Well, that was fast. Gotta love the turnaround time, even with a late application."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Attended Interview

Baylor College - "I loved this school, which inevitably means this school won't love me back. That's kind of how th..."


University of Texas, Southwestern - "By far the best admissions office in the state of Texas."

Summary of Application Experience

Just your average applicant. What I lack in talent and ambition I make up for with an overabundance of apathy and childish humor. C'est la vie.

Brief timeline of application cycle:

02/12/2009: Fail first test in college.
06/01/2009: Decided that it would be a good idea to take Ochem 2 in summer school.
08/10/2009: Decided it was a bad idea to take Ochem 2 in summer school.
08/20/2009: Stumbled across SDN when I was looking up the plot synopsis for an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
03/08/2010: Made an earned 0 on a quiz. My pride is not hurt as much as it should be.
10/28/2010: Physiology professor gives a neuro board exam as a midterm. Epic lulz ensue (also, I failed).
1/31/2011-3/19/2011: What MCAT?
3/20/2011-3/25/2011: Oh that MCAT.
3/26/2011: lol MCAT.