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Application Cycles: 2011
Demographics: Female, 28, Caucasian
Home State: Colorado
Last Activity Date: 8/1/2012

Undergraduate College: Georgetown University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Psychology/Social Sciences

Institution: University of Colorado Post-Bacc
Area of Study: Premedical Studies

MCAT: BS 10, PS 12, VR 11, O
Overall GPA: 3.71
Science GPA: 3.97

Brief Profile:
The cycle is FINALLY over for me, after a full year of much cursing and hand-wringing and craziness. I was accepted to my top choice school (University of Colorado) off the wait-list exactly one year and one day after I submitted my AMCAS primary application. I was waitlisted at the majority of schools at which I interviewed; not sure if it's because I'm just not as awesome in person as I think I am, or if I chose schools who waitlisted a ton of people in general, or if this year's applicant pool was just super incredible overall.

About me: I enjoy long walks on the beach, scented candles, and chocolate fondue. Oh, sorry, that's my match.com profile. I graduated college in 2009 with a government degree, but after doing some political campaigning and working at a law firm, I finally realized that politics was not the right career for me. I volunteered as an EMT for two years and honestly that was the only part of my college experience that I really loved, so I started a post-bacc at my state school immediately afterwards.

I qualified for the AAMC's Financial Assistance Program and applied to the full 14 schools that were free for me. I have many years of clinical experience as an EMT and as a CNA, but not much research, so I chose schools that valued community service and patient care above research. Didn't want to waste one of my free primaries at a school that I didn't have a shot with.

~Volunteer EMT in college with several leadership positions (1500+ hours)
~Several jobs in college; worked for the theater department, a law firm, the School of Foreign Service
~College Democrats with several leadership positions
~Hospital volunteering, quit after a year because it was kind of soul-sucking (150 hours)
~Women's Health volunteer (100 hours)
~Undergraduate TA for Calc-Based Physics for one semester
~Some private tutoring for AP chemistry students in high school
~CNA on a telemetry floor for two years, just transferred to rehab closer to home (2500+ hours)
~Physician shadowing; endocrinologist/PCP and occupational health physician (20 hours)
~Homeless shelter volunteer for two years as weekly kitchen lead for dinner service

I don't really have a match.com profile.

AMCAS submitted: 2011

Application Complete, Rejected

Drexel University - "I was put on hold early on in the cycle, then received a rejection letter at the end of the cycle. P..."
Wake Forest University - "Received a rejection email at the end of the cycle. Too bad, Wake is awesome!"
Loyola University Chicago - "Received a rejection email at the end of the cycle. I was really interested in this school and love ..."
Tulane University - "I was super excited about this school, but after several months with no word I was finally rejected...."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University - "Withdrew after SLU acceptance. After interviewing at NYU, I realized that I wouldn't want to move so..."
Temple University - "Withdrew from this interview because, after consideration, I wouldn't have chosen it over the school..."

Attended Interview, Rejected

New York University - "This was the first time I'd ever been to NYC and I felt like a deer in headlights the entire time, i..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

Case Western Reserve University - "I stayed with a fellow SDN member in Cleveland the weekend before the interview and enjoyed the city..."
University of Rochester - "I didn't get a great feel interviewing at Rochester. Maybe I was having a bad day, but I didn't find..."
Georgetown University - "I was familiar with the med school and facilities already since I was an undergraduate here. The int..."

Accepted off Waitlist

University of Southern California - "USC was one of my top choices from early on in my pre-med journey and I was stunned to even get an i..."
University of Colorado - "MATRICULATING!!! My state school and top choice. The facilities and faculty at Colorado are AMAZING...."


Saint Louis University - "This school was my first interview invite, my first interview, and my first acceptance. I was so ner..."
Creighton University - "I interviewed here the last available weekend and was really impressed. I love that this school valu..."