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Application Cycles: 6/2/2011
Demographics: Female, 28, South Asian
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 1/30/2012

Undergraduate College: UCSD
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 11, PS 9, VR 10, M
Overall GPA: 3.63
Science GPA: 3.65

Brief Profile:
2 Science Professors
1 Prior Boss
1 D.O.

AMCAS submitted: 6/2/2011

Applied, Withdrew

A.T. Still University - Kirksville - "Don't want to live in Missouri"
Kansas City University - "Don't want to live in Missouri"
Touro University - Henderson - "Don't want to live in Nevada"
Philadelphia College - Philadelphia - "Don't want to live in Philadelphia"

Application Complete, Withdrew

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Lake Erie College - Erie - "Withdrew without attending interview...I really wouldn't want to live in Erie, PA."
Arizona College of Mid. University - "withdrew due to COMP acceptance"


Lake Erie College - Bradenton - "Withdrew due to acceptance into a CA school. Also, I don't want a curriculum that is solely PBL."
Western University of Health Sciences - "ACCEPTED TO MY FIRST CHOICE!!"
Touro University - Mare Island - "SO HAPPY to be accepted into a CA school!"

Summary of Application Experience

6/2/2011 - submitted AACOMAS primary application and paid, BUT waiting on one transcript and my MCAT score
6/7/2011 - transcript received but still processing. Application still hasn't been verified. Got my MCAT score: 30M (9/10/11)! I'm so relieved I don't have to retake it!!
6/10/2011 - My transcript was finally "received," so now my application is being verified! It took a few days for my transcript to move from "logged" to "received."
6/20/2011 - My application is still "processing"
6/21/2011 - My application is officially "verified," and will be released to the schools
6/23/2011 - My applications have been downloaded by the med schools (Apparently they were released on the 21st but the website showed 6/23). Now I have to wait for secondaries. Time to start writing essays.
6/24/2011 - ATSU KCOM and ATSU SOM emailed me their secondary applications! That was incredibly fast.
6/28/2011 - LECOM Bradenton and Erie secondaries received and submitted
6/28/2011 - AZCOM secondary received, need to start writing essays

7/13/2011 - I'm still waiting for one letter of recommendation. I'm hoping she mails it to Interfolio this week. I mailed my UMDNJ 2ndary application today, but it won't be complete/looked at until they receive ALL my letters of recommendation. **You can send UMDNJ's 2ndary app any time after they've received your primary app.
7/13/2011 - Hoping to get Touro CA and Western 2ndaries soon.
7/15/2011 - Received Touro's 2ndary. Need to start writing their 2 essays.
7/18/2011 - Received Western's 2ndary. I'm overwhelmed by all the essays I need to write. I'm STILL working on ATSU's essays. I haven't started Touro's. There are 4 Western essays.
7/27/2011 - Finally got all my letters of recommendation in. Sent in my COMP secondary today + LORs. Sent in my UMDNJ secondary a couple weeks ago but sent my LORs today. Still working on ATSU-Mesa and Touro CA essays. Not turning in ATSU-Kirksville, AZCOM, Kansas City U just yet...

8/2/2011 - Received my VERY FIRST MEDICAL SCHOOL INTERVIEW INVITE!! LECOM-Bradenton sent me the invite today via email. I will be attending the 8/29 interview. Checklist: 1) Plan my flight and hotel stay. 2)Buy a business suit. 3) Research possible interview questions. 4) Practice interview questions with a friend.
8/3/2011 - Mailed in my TUCOM CA application. Should get there on Friday 8/5.
8/8/2011 - Received Touro NV's 2ndary. No essays (: $100 fee ):
8/8/2011 - Received INTERVIEW INVITE for LECOM-Erie. Scheduled for 9/23/2011. All interviews are on Fridays.
8/10/2011 - Received INTERVIEW INVITE for TUCOM CA. Scheduled for 10/3/2011. Super happy bc it's in CA!
8/18/2011 - Finally sent in AZCOM's 2ndary.
8/23/2011 - Received INTERVIEW INVITE for Western COMP. Scheduled for 10/6/2011. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! TOP CHOICE!!!
8/26/2011 - AZCOM INTERVIEW INVITE. Checked my AZCOM status and saw that I could schedule an interview. I was complete only a couple days ago. The earliest opening was for October 12th, but with all my interviews coming up, I had to schedule it for the next date 11/30. My work is not happy that I'm missing so much in the next couple of months (hence, the scheduling for November)!

10/3/2011 - interviewed at TUCOM CA...
10/18/2011 - ACCEPTED TO WESTERN U/ COMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought this day would never come. It's been such a long process... so much waiting and anxiety! But it's all been worth it. I'm so glad that I applied early and found out early. Now I have 8 months to relax and enjoy my freedom until Year One begins.