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Application Cycles: 7/19/2011
Demographics: Male, 26, South Asian
Home State: Texas
Last Activity Date: 1/29/2012
SDN Handle: Laplace

Undergraduate College: Public State School
Undergraduate Area of Study: Engineering/Technology

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, Q
Overall GPA: 1.00
Science GPA: 1.00

Brief Profile:
MCAT 35-39
GPA 3.95-4.00

TMDSAS Submitted: 7/7 AMCAS Submitted: 7/19 (Little on the late side but it's been a busy summer)

I'll post specifics once the application cycle is over, feel free to leave me a message or PM me on SDN if you have any questions. At this point, I'm just worried my application is somewhat late.

AMCAS submitted: 7/19/2011

Applied, Withdrew

Texas Tech University - "Too lazy to submit secondary"
University of Chicago - "Too lazy to submit secondary"
Stanford University - "Too lazy to submit secondary"
Yale University - "Too lazy to submit secondary"
Texas A & M University - "Too lazy to submit secondary"

Application Complete

Harvard University - "C: 10/13"

Application Complete, Rejected

Cornell University - "C: 9/14"

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

University of Texas, San Antonio - "Declined Interview"

Attended Interview

Baylor College - "Baylor was amazing. The students seem very relaxed, highest step scores in the country and 1.5 year ..."


University of Texas, Galveston - "The island is pretty awesome, tons to do, and with classes in the morning only, UTMB would make for ..."
University of Texas, Southwestern - "I love you UTSW, hopefully you love me back! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS PRE-MATCH ACCEPTANCE!!!!"

Summary of Application Experience

7/7 - TMDSAS submitted
7/12 - TMDSAS payment received
7/19 - AMCAS submitted
7/26 - TMDSAS finished processing
8/13 - UTSW and UTMB Interview Invite!
8/23 - AMCAS verified (finally)
10/11 - Baylor Interview Invite!
11/15 - UTSW and UTMB Acceptance!!