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Michigan Applicant

(ID #22579)
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Application Cycles: 8/1/2010
Demographics: Male, 40, Caucasian
Home State: Michigan

Undergraduate College: College of Idaho
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: WSU
Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
Degree Obtained: PhD

MCAT: BS 10, PS 6, VR 10, N
Overall GPA: 3.20
Science GPA: 3.20

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 8/1/2010

Attended Interview, Rejected

Michigan State University - "interviewer wanted to show off what they knew and did not give time for my responses"

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Kansas City University - "Faculty interviewer was more interested in bragging about their experience and questioned my desire ..."
Pacific Northwest University - "Very positive - fair interview process and a committed, caring faculty and staff"