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Application Cycles: 6/1/2011
Demographics: Female, 40, Caucasian
Home State: Minnesota
Last Activity Date: 12/28/2011
SDN Handle: SBB2016

Undergraduate College: St. Cloud State University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Premedical Studies

MCAT: BS 10, PS 7, VR 9, Q
Overall GPA: 3.18
Science GPA: 3.18

Brief Profile:
Non trad trying to fulfill my life's ambition to be a physician

AMCAS submitted: 6/1/2011


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - "Expecting a rejection letter"

Application Complete

Des Moines University - "This is a top choice"
Arizona College of Mid. University - "This is a top choice"

Application Complete, Rejected

Rocky Vista University - "This is my top choice"

Invited for Interview

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

A.T. Still University - Mesa - "This is a top choice"


Summary of Application Experience

Over 25 years of combined volunteer experience, 12 years of biotechnology research and clinical work, 2 years as a phlebotomist, EMT certification and volunteer experience, 79 credits of PB UG work at cGPA=3.83 (31cr) and sGPA=3.91 (48cr). My AMCAS cGPA is 3.05 sGPA is 2.90