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Application Cycles: 8/1/2010
Demographics: Female, 34, East Asian
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 4/9/2011

Undergraduate College: UCLA
Undergraduate Area of Study: Psychology/Social Sciences

MCAT: BS 9, PS 9, VR 9, Q
Overall GPA: 3.20
Science GPA: 3.76

Brief Profile:
Non-traditional student
Did a post-bac program
Working full-time as a clinical research coordinator

AMCAS submitted: 8/1/2010

Applied, Rejected

Applied, Withdrew

Loma Linda University - "Dry campus-would feel guilty going to school there."

Application Complete

Application Complete, Rejected

Albany Medical College - "My letter writer did not get the letter in on time. Automatic rejection. =/"

Attended Interview

Drexel University - "Very neat program. Hope I get in!"

Summary of Application Experience

2nd time applying. Hope it's better this time!