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Application Cycles: 2010
Demographics: Male, 31, Caucasian
Home State: Florida
Last Activity Date: 4/12/2011
SDN Handle: docjlud

Undergraduate College: University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 12, PS 11, VR 10, M
Overall GPA: 3.95
Science GPA: 3.93

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 2010

Applied, Rejected

Mayo Medical School - "No surprise here.....it was a last minute decision to apply and i applied late.....don't think it wo..."

Application Complete

University of Miami - "Nothing nothing nothing..... Maybe because i took too long to finish their secondary :("

Application Complete, Rejected


University of Central Florida - "Amazing Interview Experience....Incredible School!! Fell in love with the program! So much enthusias..."

Summary of Application Experience

MCAT 9/11, apps complete~10/14........Thought I was applying pretty late and was worried about it, but, contrary to the general vibe on SDN, i don't think it has made any difference whatsoever.....I am glad i took the extra time working on my PS and studying for the MCAT.......Also was worried about lack of research experience (only 1 semester of basic lab work with no independent projects at all), but i dont think that has been a big deal either.....I do have alot of clinical patient care experience (as a volunteer and as a CNA at a local hospital) and think that has helped alot with getting interviews.......