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Application Cycles: 8/6/2010
Demographics: Male, 34, Caucasian
Home State: Arizona
Last Activity Date: 7/12/2011
SDN Handle: wasabid

Undergraduate College: Arizona State University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Engineering/Technology

MCAT: BS 9, PS 12, VR 11, Q
Overall GPA: 3.45
Science GPA: 3.80

Brief Profile:
Mechanical engineer, now wanting to go into medicine.

AMCAS submitted: 8/6/2010

Applied, Rejected

University of Washington - "Out of state resident, didn't match their criteria."

Application Complete

Mount Sinai School of Medicine - "Assumed rejected, apparently engineering thesis classes aren't considered science. 12/8 - This statu..."

Application Complete, Rejected

Cornell University - "No Secondary, signed off."

Attended Interview

University of Arizona - Phoenix - "Was great. Now we play the waiting game..."

Summary of Application Experience

Still applying.