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Application Cycles: 10/25/2010
Demographics: Male, 35, Caucasian
Home State: Connecticut
Last Activity Date: 11/16/2011

Undergraduate College: Boston University

MCAT: BS 9, PS 8, VR 13, N
Overall GPA: 2.77
Science GPA: 3.27

Brief Profile:
*DO Applicant*

8 years experience as a paramedic.
Paramedic instructor.
EMS volunteer experience.
200+ hours DO shadowing.
Philosophy Major, Post-bacc approach to pre-reqs completed while working full time.

AMCAS submitted: 10/25/2010

Applied, Rejected

Edward Via Virginia College - "11/12: email- "under consideration for secondary." 1/4 - Email Rejection."
Touro University - Harlem - "11/16: Rejected pre-secondary :("

Application Complete, Rejected

West Virginia (D.O.) - "1/4 Email: hold/decision deferred., R: 5/27"
A.T. Still University - Kirksville - "SR 11/10, SC 12/14, 1/18 Rejection in the mail"
Chicago College of Mid. University - "SR: 11/10, SC: 11/19, 1/27: Rejection by email, then by mail (to rub it in?)"
A.T. Still University - Mesa - "SR: 11/10, SC: 12/14, R: 6/14"
Lake Erie College - Bradenton - "SR: 11/11, SC: 11/11, 12/4 Rejected by mail. :("
Lake Erie College - Erie - "SR: 11/11, SC: 11/11, R 5/24"
Nova Southeastern University - "SR: 11/12, SC 11/12, R 5/2"
New York Medical College - "SR: 11/12, SC 11/13, R 11/16"
Ohio University - "SR: 11/12, SC 12/1, R 4/26"
University of New England - "SR: 11/17, SC: 11/20, Rejection in mail 12/27"
UMDNJ - Osteopathic Medicine - "SR: 11/23, SC 12/6, R 4/26"

Attended Interview, Rejected

Arizona College of Mid. University - "SR: 11/10, SC: 11/19, 12/2 letter: decision deferred, 1/12: Interview Invite! 3/5: rejected post in..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

Philadelphia College - Philadelphia - "SR: 11/10, SC: 12/1, I: 1/20. Int: 2/24, WL: 4/22: Going to DCOM, screw you guys!"


Lincoln Memorial University - "SR: 11/17, SC: 12/6, I: 1/31, A: 2/18, ATTENDING"

Summary of Application Experience


SR: Secondary Received
SC: Secondary Complete
I: Interview


10/25 - AACOMAS Submitted
11/3 - AACOMAS Verified
11/9 - AACOMAS sent to schools
11/10 - Secondaries Received: ATSU/KCOM, ATSU/SOMA, CCOM, AZCOM, PCOM
11/11 - Secondaries Received: LECOM-E and B, Completed both right away
11/12 - Secondaries Received: NYCOM, NOVA, Ohio U COM. Completed NOVA
11/13 - Secondary complete at NYCOM
11/16 - Secondary received from WVCOM, not due unless invited for an interview
11/16 - Rejected from Touro via email (citing low GPA). Emailed back listing strengths, no response.
11/17 - Secondary received from UNECOM
11/17 - Secondary received from LMU-COM, its been in my junk mail since the 11th!!
11/19 - Secondary complete at CCOM and AZCOM
11/20 - Secondary complete at UNECOM
11/23 - Secondary received from UMDNJ
12/2 - Letter in mail from AZCOM: "placed on hold for potential future interview invite... this should be seen as a positive result."
12/2 - Checks cashed for secondaries at PCOM and OHU-COM, guess that means my secondary is complete there?
12/4 - Rejection letter in mail from LECOM-B. Their loss, right?
12/6 - Secondaries complete at UMDNJ and LMU.
12/14 - Secondaries complete at ATSU-SOMA and KCOM. Late, but at least they're all done! Now all I have to do is wait..................
12/27: Rejection in the mail from UNE. That one hurt....
1/4: Email from West Virginia SCOM - Application on "hold/decision deferred."
1/5: Email rejection from VCOM.
1/18: Rejection from KCOM. Hey. A.T. Still didn't go to medical school either, right?
1/20: PCOM interview invite!! Would LOVE to be accepted here!!
1/27: Email rejection from CCOM. Booo.
1/31: Interview invite from LMU-DCOM via phone! Looking good!
2/15: Attended LMU-DCOM interview. WOW, I have a completely different outlook on this school now! A real gem out in the woods.
2/19: ACCEPTED TO LMU-DCOM!!!!!!!!!!!
2/24: Attended PCOM interview. Still my first choice school but the interview process did leave something to be desired. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long to hear back! LMU deposit is due soon...
2/28: Attended AZCOM interview. Beautiful campus, nice facilities. VERY expensive though, and 3rd year rotations are locked into areas I don't want to be in....
3/5: Rejected from AZCOM. Meh. Really holding out for PCOM still, hopefully got my one interview/rejection out of the way. Probably only got this interview because my DO LOR was from an Almuni here and he actually made a phone call as well. I'm not sure they were seriously considering me as an applicant...
3/12: Letter from PCOM, notifying me (and other applicants) that decisions will be delayed until April. I will have a decision "no later than April 22nd." Great.
3/14: Deposit sent to LMU-DCOM. Still hoping for a PCOM acceptance but I could be happy at LMU also.
4/22: Waitlisted at PCOM. They made me wait 2 months for that??? Ahhhhh....... Likely attending LMU-DCOM.
4/26: End of cycle rejection emails from OU-COM and UMDNJ.
5/2: End of cycle rejection from NOVA. Still waiting for a few more of these.....
5/24: End of cycle email rejection from LECOM. "The admissions committee looked favorably on your application, however..." lol
5/27: End of cycle email rejection from WVSOM.
6/14: End of cycle email rejection from ATSU-SOMA. This wraps up every school I haven't heard news from. Still checking my mail for waitlist news from PCOM but otherwise it will be LMU-DCOM next year!
7/22: Never heard from PCOM (screw you guys!), going to LMU.

8/29 update: VERY HAPPY OMS-1 AT LMU-DCOM. Things worked out well and I ended up at the right place!

Thank you MD Apps, signing off.................


Primaries - $655.00
Secondaries - $715
Interfolio - $85
(Interviews) Airfare - $500.08
(Interviews) Hotel - $472.82
(Interviews) Car rental - $212
Admission Deposit (DCOM) - $1250