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Application Cycles: 7/8/2011
Demographics: Male, 28, Caucasian
Home State: Connecticut
Last Activity Date: 9/15/2012

Undergraduate College: Large Public University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 10, PS 11, VR 7, M
Overall GPA: 3.85
Science GPA: 3.85

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 7/8/2011

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

Drexel University - "Pre-interview waitlist. Rejection letter 5/5/12"
Rosalind Franklin University - "Small Pool...Rejection email sometime in April."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Pennsylvania State University - "Late Interview Invite! Woo! Post-interview Hold aka WL 4/30/12"
University of Connecticut - "Placed on a list of high alternates 1/25/12"
University of Vermont - "Placed on the Out-of-Area waitlist of qualified/alternate candidates 4/27/12"