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Application Cycles: 2010
Demographics: Female, 28, Caucasian
Home State: Wisconsin
Last Activity Date: 7/19/2011
SDN Handle: badgers326

Undergraduate College: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 10, PS 10, VR 7, O
Overall GPA: 3.46
Science GPA: 3.44

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 2010

Applied, Rejected

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

Application Complete, Withdrew

Arizona College of Mid. University - "10/6 - Application on hold for further review at a later date"

Invited for Interview, Withdrew


Summary of Application Experience

11/16 - Accepted to KCUMB. Withdrew from schools outside of the Midwest (wouldn't attend over KCUMB)

12/4 - Decided I will not go to my KCOM interview. It came down to travel expenses and already having a great acceptance from KCUMB

12/6 - Rejected from CCOM. The only reason I didn't withdraw from this school after KCUMB acceptance is because I wanted to see if I would have gotten an interview. Still want to see what the last three schools do.

1/28 - Updated GPA from Fall grades and deciding between DMU and KCUMB. Leaning towards DMU.

2/18 - Withdrew from KCUMB. Will be attending DMU in the fall