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Application Cycles: 2010
Demographics: Female, 30, Caucasian
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 5/20/2011

Undergraduate College: Liberal Arts
Undergraduate Area of Study: Physical Sciences

Institution: Caltech
Area of Study: Physical Sciences
Degree Obtained: MS in Chemistry

MCAT: BS 14, PS 14, VR 12, R
Overall GPA: 4.00
Science GPA: 4.00

Brief Profile:
-I completed two years of a PhD program in science, then decided in May 2010 to take a masters degree and apply to medical school.

-I am teaching high school science during this application year (not on AMCAS).

-Double major from a solid but not spectacular midwestern liberal arts university (chemistry and philosophy)

-The initial schools I applied to were solely based on geography (SoCal, then places I wouldn't mind living). When I got my MCAT scores back in mid-September, I added several "reach" schools (Chicago/Penn/WashU/Vanderbilt), and withdrew from several schools I was not likely to attend (Vermont/UCI/Hopkins/Dartmouth).

-I have some okay volunteering experience involving youth/science/mentorship, but I have absolutely no medical experience. This is what happens when you decide to apply last minute.

AMCAS submitted: 2010

Application Complete, Rejected

University of California, San Diego - "Complete early October, rejected 1/19."
Mayo Medical School - "LOR request 10/6, received 11/4, rejected 11/17. :( top choice"
University of Chicago - "Secondary submitted in late September, rejected 11/19"

Application Complete, Withdrew

University of Michigan - "Complete late, under review for 3 months, and then deferred ("can't offer an interview at this point..."

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

University of California, Los Angeles - "Complete on 8/27, interview invite on 1/18. I'd rather go to USC if I stay in LA (more convenient), ..."
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - "My husband grew up in Minneapolis and went to school here and I went to undergrad in Minnesota, but ..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

Vanderbilt University - "Interviewed 12/6, waitlist letter received 2/4. Withdrew a few weeks after waitlist."
University of Pennsylvania - "Interviewed 12/3/10 Waitlisted 3/14/11 Withdrew after waitlist"


Washington University in St. Louis - "Attended interview 11/16, accepted 11/20 in the mail :) WOW that was speedy!"
University of Southern California - "Interviewed on 10/22, acceptance in the mail on 11/12 :)"

Summary of Application Experience

I decided on WashU over USC. I really liked a lot of aspects of USC (SoCal, County, general vibe of school, proximity to my husband's job). WashU is just a fantastic institution, I like living in the midwest, and Forest Park is great. Plus, their merit+need based scholarships were much, much more generous than USC.

I made this profile because reading SDN/MDapps was a big help in identifying schools to send my application to (WashU/Penn/Vandy/Pritzker).

High scores can definitely help you out, but make sure you get some experience in medicine. I decided late in the game (late May) that I wanted to apply to medical school, so I took a late MCAT (mid-August). I got married/honeymooned that summer as well, and then started a teaching job, so I didn't have much of a chance to gain any medical experience. I'm happy with my choices, but if I took care of my major weaknesses I think I would have had more choices.

There were a few other schools (Dartmouth/Hopkins/UC-Irvine/Northwestern/Vermont) that I applied to but never finished secondaries. Once I got my MCAT scores back I narrowed the list to schools I thought I would more likely attend.