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Application Cycles: 7/18/2010
Demographics: Female, 30, East Asian
Home State: Unknown
Last Activity Date: 2/10/2011

Undergraduate College: Small Liberal Arts University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 10, PS 10, VR 9, M
Overall GPA: 3.61
Science GPA: 3.54

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 7/18/2010


Applied, Rejected

Edward Via Virginia College - "Their reason for rejection was that I am not Virginia resident "
University of California, Davis - "It was my first rejection, and pre-secondary rejection too. At least they save me the secondary fee."

Applied, Withdrew

Western University of Health Sciences - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
University of New England - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Michigan State University (DO) - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Case Western Reserve University - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Cleveland Clinic Medical School - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Boston University - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"

Application Complete

Application Complete, Rejected

Application Complete, Withdrew

Lake Erie College - Erie - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Pikeville College - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Touro University - Harlem - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance"
Lincoln Memorial University - "Withdraw after Nova acceptance. "

Attended Interview, Waitlisted


Nova Southeastern University - "It's definitely the best feeling ever!!! I love this school!!!"
Des Moines University - "As an international student, I am required to pay upfront 200k... not happening..."
Kansas City University - "It was a tough decision to withdraw from this school. "

Summary of Application Experience

07/18/2010 Submitted AMCAS application

07/19/2010 Submitted AACOMAS application

07/20/2010 Received Boston email inviting to complete secondary. My AMCAS has not even verified yet?!?

07/28/2010 AACOMAS application is verified. That was fast

08/04/2010 Received secondaries from PCOM, Pikeville, KCOM, and Penn State(?). According to AAMC, my AMCAS has not verified yet so Penn State secondary receipt is a bit puzzling.

08/05/2010 Received secondaries from CCOM, AZCOM, MSU, UNECOM and PCOM-Georgia.

08/06/2010 Received secondary from Nova and Western. Submitted secondary for Penn State.

08/09/2010 Received secondary from LMU-DCOM.

08/10/2010 Submitted secondary for Nova.

08/11/2010 Submitted secondary for LECOM-Bradenton. AMCAS application is verified. Received secondary from Case.

08/12/2010 Received secondaries from Creighton, Rosalind Franklin. Submitted secondaries for CCOM and AZCOM.

08/13/2010 Received and submitted secondaries for LECOM-Erie and DMU-COM. First rejections from UC Davis and U of Kentucky :'(

08/16/2010 Received secondaries from Howard and Touro-NY.

08/17/2010 Received and submitted secondaries for Jefferson and SUNY Upstate. Submitted secondaries for PCOM and PCOM-Georgia.

08/18/2010 Received secondary from Loma Linda.

08/19/2010 First interview invitation of the season from CCOM!!! Submitted secondaries for Howard and KCOM

08/21/2010 Snail-mailed out secondary for LMU-DCOM.

08/23/2010 Third rejection from EVMS. meh. Received complete emails from Howard, PCOM, and PCOM-Georgia

08/24/2010 Rejection from Indiana University. Interview invitation from AZCOM (they didn't notice me, I have to check on the portal to find out)!!!

08/27/2010 Secondary invitation from KCUMB

08/30/2010 My portal shows that I have an interview invitation from Nova... woo hoo...

08/31/2010 It's official, Nova sent the invitation through email. Complete secondary from KCUMB

09/03/2010 Complete secondary for PCSOM

09/08/2010 Interview invitation from KCOM, yay

09/11/2010 Rejection from VCOM

09/17/2010 Interview invitation from Des Moine, wooooo hooo