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Application Cycles: 7/24/2010
Demographics: Female, 32, Caucasian
Home State: Alabama
Last Activity Date: 5/20/2011
SDN Handle: Ditto1114

Undergraduate College: Michigan State University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: Loyola University Chicago
Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
Degree Obtained: MS

MCAT: BS 11, PS 9, VR 11, N
Overall GPA: 3.40
Science GPA: 3.40

Brief Profile:
7 years of research experience

Lots-o-volunteering and shadowing

AMCAS submitted: 7/24/2010

Application Complete, Withdrew

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Lake Erie College - Bradenton - "After my acceptance from Nova I decided to save some money and withdraw my application."
Lake Erie College - Erie - "After my acceptance from Nova I decided to save some money and withdraw my application."

Accepted off Waitlist

University of Alabama - "Accepted!!! \(^o^)/"


Chicago College of Mid. University - "Accepted!!! 11/17/2010 Best belated birthday present ever!! Tuition is way to expensive and the cost..."
Nova Southeastern University - "After the interview this school jumped up on my list. I loved it! Accepted!!! AHHH!! I'm going to be..."
University of South Alabama - "I had a fabulous interview this year! My interviewers completely changed my mind about this school. ..."

Summary of Application Experience

4/17/2010, Retook MCAT... Not happy with the PS section. I almost voided, but I feel like my VR and BS went alright. I guess we'll see in a month.

5/5/2010, AMCAS and AACOM applications started

5/18/2010, I GOT A 31N ON THE MCAT!! OH MAN!! SO EXCITED!! PS - 9, VR - 11!!!, BS - 11, W - N. I'm glad I didn't void!! This is a 5 point increase from last year. The TPR class really helped me. I highly recommend taking the prep course. This really re-energized me! I was starting to get concerned that I wouldn't have a chance.

7/24/2010, AMCAS is submitted! Here goes round 2!!

7/27/2010, AACOMAS is submitted!

8/6/2010, AACOMAS is verified!

8/18/2010, AMCAS is verified!!

9/14/2010, I have four interviews already! YAY!!

9/30/2010, Attended interview at NSU-COM. I loved the atmosphere of the school and all the little things they do to make the student experience better.

10/8/2010, Accepted to Nova!!! Best day of my life!!!

11/17/2010, Accepted to CCOM!!!

12/6/2010, Accepted to USA!!! AHHHH!! I'm sooooo excited!!

5/20/2011, Accepted to UAB!! This is where I'm going! YAY!