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Application Cycles: 2010
Demographics: Female, Caucasian
Home State: Michigan
Last Activity Date: 6/27/2011

Undergraduate College: Michigan State University
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 9, PS 8, VR 8, M
Overall GPA: 3.46
Science GPA: 3.51

Brief Profile:
-Therapeutic Horseback Riding for children
-Blood and Flu shot drives
-Worked w/ Mentally and Physically Disabled Children in various programs
-Administration Position at a summer camp
-Shadowed D.O.
-Dean's List

AMCAS submitted: 2010

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete

Application Complete, Rejected

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Lincoln Memorial University - "Postponed my interview until after the new year since I heard from PCOM. Then withdrew when I heard ..."
Chicago College of Mid. University - "I called in Oct/Nov ish and they basically told me there was no way I was making it to an interview ..."


Philadelphia College - Philadelphia - "Short interview, basic questions, paperless so they all sit behind computers-can be slightly intimid..."
Touro University - Henderson - "Interview was so pleasant especially after PCOM. They asked the basic questions. Why Touro? Why Oste..."