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Application Cycles: 2009 | 6/15/2011
Demographics: Female, 30, South Asian
Home State: Maryland
Last Activity Date: 4/25/2012

Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Area of Study: Other

MCAT: BS 11, PS 9, VR 9, Q
Overall GPA: 3.47
Science GPA: 3.32

Brief Profile:
Clinical research position
Worked at an international NGO with an underprivileged population
Community service, with a clinical focus
Breast cancer research in undergrad
Camp counselor

AMCAS submitted: 6/15/2011

Applied, Rejected

Wake Forest University - "Rejected pre-secondary"
Eastern Virginia Medical School - "Rejected pre-secondary"
Wayne State University - "Rejected pre-secondary"

Applied, Withdrew

University of South Carolina - "The only accept OOS applicants with strong ties to SC."

Application Complete

Rosalind Franklin University - "Entered primary screening 08/13/2011 Update letter sent 09/06/2011 Primary screening complete 09/1..."

Application Complete, Rejected

Albany Medical College - "Update letter sent 11/28/2011 Placed on hold 12/7/2011. This means: If over the course of the admis..."
Loyola University Chicago - "Requested an extension because I did not read about the two week deadline at first... Supplemental a..."
SUNY Upstate - "Update letter sent 08/31/2011 Inquiry email sent 11/21/2011 "
Boston University - "Reapplicant"
Tufts University - "Update letter sent: 11/21/2011"
New York Medical College - "Update letter sent 12/4/2011"
University of Southern California - "Email for secondary went to junk mail box! Update letter sent 12/4/2011"
Rush Medical College - "Inquired on 3/27. Was notified that the last interview day was 3/7. Official rejection will be arriv..."
University of Vermont - "Update letter sent: 11/26/2011"

Attended Interview

Michigan State University - "Update letter sent 11/28/2011 Pre interview hold 2/6/2012"

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

Accepted off Waitlist

Cooper School of Rowan University - "Priority waitlisted"