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Application Cycles: 8/1/2010
Demographics: Male, 6
Home State: California
Last Activity Date: 6/26/2011

Undergraduate College: CA School

MCAT: BS 1, PS 1, VR 1, P
Overall GPA: 3.85
Science GPA: 3.85

Brief Profile:
-MCAT: 31 (balanced)

-Research 4 years

-Multiple leadership roles for 1+ year in each position

-Volunteering (non-clinical and clinical)

-Shadowing multiple specialties

-Academic awards

-Worked in clinic


-5 strong LORs and strong PS

**Re-applicant from last cycle**

AMCAS submitted: 8/1/2010

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

University of California, Irvine - "Another one bites the dust.."
University of California, San Diego - "CA locking me out..."
University of Southern California - "ugh..goodbye socal"

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Attended Interview, Rejected

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Accepted off Waitlist


Summary of Application Experience